Where is Adam Frasch Today?

ID’s “American Monster” reveals the murder trial that involved Samira Mbotizafy Frasch, who was discovered dead in her swimming pool on the 22nd of February, 2014. The model had a previous relationship, and her mother to two daughters, Hyrah and Skynaah, was going through a difficult divorce with her partner Adam Frasch. They were said to have had an intermittent relationship and were living together until the time of her death. Adam Frasch’s out-of-the-ordinary trip with the kids on the day that Samira’s body was discovered led to his name being placed on the top suspect’s list.

Who is Adam Frasch?

Adam Frasch was a podiatrist who met his third wife, Samira, in Paris. After a long-running romance, the couple was at a wedding in 2009. Some of the people who knew them in different roles have claimed that they were not a good couple at times, possibly even throughout their marriage. According to the reports, Samira had told her hairdressers, assistants, and the Golden Eagle Homeowner’s Association Managers that Adam threatened to murder her.

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Even for the police detectives who interrogated Frasch following Samira’s murder, The most striking thing was certain facts that did not match up. Adam was adamant that they worked out the details based on their findings. However, this did not appear as if it was the truth based on the surveillance footage, which shows Samira closing the door of her car that Adam tried to open. He also claimed that she had drunk two bottles of champagne. However, no alcohol traces were discovered in the toxicology report. This was also evidence that Adam was involved in several extra-marital affairs with various women. One of them was a dancer from the exotic named Erica Tidwell. Samira had, according to reports, stumbled across an email from Tidwell.

In the future, it was discovered that Samira was even willing to give the ex of one of Adam’s girlfriend’s cash to purchase a sex tape that included Adam dating his girlfriend. This dramatically impacted their divorce proceedings and, later and even during the investigation into their murder. Samira’s influence in divorce proceedings was based on her being granted temporary custody of their children. Taking over a large portion of his wealth, assets, and money was viewed as an important motive.

Adam Frasch was arrested regarding the Medicare fraud he was involved in the investigation. As per numerous reports in 2014, the children of Frasch moved in with his brother living in Omaha, Nebraska, after Adam was identified as suspected. The investigation and other investigations of the case continued until 2017 when Frasch was found guilty of murder in the first degree.

The case’s breakthrough was brought about via Dale Folsom, who was known as a jailhouse snitch at the time. According to his testimony during the trial, Adam revealed specific details about his role in the killing when they were in a cell together after Frasch’s arrest. He said that Adam had struck Samira in the face with the golf ball, and she was thrown to the ground. Folsom further stated that Adam claimed it was an accident that he did not have any previous plans of taking part in.

The investigation team discovered a golf ball bearing Samira’s DNA. However, the medical examiner said she was not convinced that the golf club was responsible for the head injury. Samira’s head. In addition, an eyewitness report claimed that a person who resembled Samira was observed at her home after Adam left home with the kids. But, in the light of additional evidence and extensive details about his possible motives and past actions, the court ruled him guilty of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison in the year 2017.

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Where is Adam Frasch Now?

Presently, Adam Frasch is serving his life sentence in prison. He insists on innocence. Adam Frasch has appeared on Dateline on NBC and “True Crime Daily. In September of 2019, the verdict was upheld following a hearing where he submitted an appeal to overturn the sentence.

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