Where did John Wayne Gacy live? Is It Still There

True crime is a genre everyone seems to be enjoying right now. It is fascinating to see how a crime was committed. True crime documentaries, movies and shows are a great source of entertainment. We can also learn a lot about the mindsets of those watching. Popular serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer have been popularized in mainstream media. 

The internet allows us to know everything about criminals. John Wayne Gacy, also known as “The Killer Clown,” is one such serial killer that we will be discussing in this article. He dressed up as a clown to rape and murder young men. In his lifetime, he killed 33 boys and men. Let’s find out more about John Wayne Gacy and where he lived.

Where did John Wayne Gacy live?

John Wayne Gacy dressed up as a clown in order to lure young men and boys to his public events. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he later moved to Las Vegas for work. John Wayne Gacy enrolled later at Northwestern Business College and was soon offered a job with a shoe manufacturer. He was then posted to Springfield, Illinois. Marlynn Myers was his coworker in Springfield.

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They later moved to Waterloo in Iowa because Marlynn had three KFCs, and John Wayne Gacy wanted to manage them. John committed all his crimes at his home, 8213 West Summerdale Avenue, near Norridge in Norwood Park Township. It was a ranch-style home measuring 2,500 square feet. He lived there for most of his adult life. After he was detained in 1978, the authorities forced him to move out of the house. A woman had purchased the house in 1988. Recently, however, in 2021, John Wayne Gacy’s land was sold for $395,000.

John Wayne Gacy Early life

John Wayne Gacy was the son of Marion Elaine Robison and John Stanley Gacy. He had two siblings. His relationship with his father was never good. He would beat, humiliate, and compare himself to his sisters all his life. John’s mother would defend him and save him from being beaten, but his father would then say that John is not a real man because he cannot save himself. John didn’t hate his father, but he felt that no matter what John did, his father would still see him as a loser. His friends confirmed that his father was not a kind person. Even though he had a supportive relationship with his mother, John never felt close to him.

John was an infant when he contracted a disease that made it impossible for him to exercise. This led to him becoming overweight. He spent most of his time in the hospital and could not perform well at school. He didn’t graduate high school because of his poor grades. He went on to become a politician. His father didn’t like John and never liked him for what he did. So when John got into politics, his father criticized him.

He left his father after a fight and went to Las Vegas, Nevada, in search of work. There he was, a mortuary attendant. He said that he once took a corpse from a coffin and touched it. It scared him. Marlynn Myers was his wife. He moved to Waterloo, Iowa, in 1964. He said that he had teenage workers and would try to get to know the young boys. He molested Donald Voorhees and other boys. He would blackmail them, even paying them $50 to have a sexual affair with him. He claimed he was conducting research, and then would molest them.

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John Wayne Gacy’s Death

John Wayne Gacy’s crimes were first exposed by Donald Voorhees, who complained about John to John’s father. He tried to close the child down by beating him but failed. He then began to assault and murder many men and boys. John Wayne Gacy was diagnosed as a psychopathic sociopath. It was later confirmed that he was not able to be treated. He was executed by lethal injection on May 9, 1994. His body was cremated, but his brain was retained by Helen Morrison, a psychologist who interviewed John.

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