Where can I watch Nichijou?

Nichijou is an anime television series in Japan produced by Kyoto Animation. It is based upon the comedy manga by Keiichi. Tatsuya Ichihara is the director of the series. The series aired in Japan from April 3, 2011 through September 26, 2011. It was also simulcasted in Japan by Crunchyroll, under the name My Ordinary Life.

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Where can I watch Nichijou?

Thank you to everyone for your support, Nichijou, the hilarious, zany comedy, is now available on home video. It features a new dub and the original Japanese subtitles. Nichijou is a charming comic about the everyday life of high school students. It’s casual and light-hearted, but not too serious. Crunchyroll has Nichijou: My Ordinary Life.

Is Nichijou a good anime show?

Nichijou’s comedy isn’t meant for seriousness, but it is funny. It’s a charmingly quirky, lighthearted slice from life. This anime is, despite sounding like an exaggeration at first glance, one of my favorite. It’s a series that anyone can enjoy.

What is the plot behind Nichijou?

Synopsis. Nichijou focuses primarily on the daily antics and adventures of three childhood friends–highschool girls Mio Naganohara (Yuko Aioi) and Mai Minakami (whose stories soon intertwined with Hakase Shinonome and Nano, Nano’s robot caretaker Nano).

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What is your definition of Nichijou, and how do you describe it?

Nichijou is a cute and strange anime, as various characters (such as a robot, an elementary-school-age scientist, a goat-riding “aristocrat”, and many more) combine into one of the most mundane yet beautiful experiences. It was animated and produced in Kyoto Animation.

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