Where can I see Madre?

A pregnant mother becomes overwhelmed by her autistic child. A gifted caregiver helps her to see a positive change in her son’s behavior. But she suspects the caregiver may be using voodoo influence.

The due date is fast approaching for a Mexican-American couple. After moving to California, the wife experiences strange symptoms and horrific visions. They attempt to discover if the strange visions and curse-like symptoms are connected to something greater. Jose is born healthy, but they will keep taking infertility drugs.

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Where can I see Madre?

Madre is available to stream on Amazon Addon. This includes individual episodes as well as full seasons. Madre is also available for streaming online via Amazon Prime. Netflix has secured global streaming rights to Madre (Aaron Burns’ psychological thriller), which premiered at SXSW. But, it’s also accessible on Spectrum On Demand. You can also stream it or skip it: “Madres” on Amazon Prime. This is a Blumhouse Creepfest that insists that living people are scarier than dead ones.

Is Madre based on true events?

Blumhouse Productions is continuing their bizarre antics as Halloween approaches. “Madres,” directed and produced by Ryan Zaragoza, is the latest installment in their horror anthology. Based on true events, the film attempts reveal the truth behind an actual horror story from 1970s Los Angeles.

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What was Madre built on?

Plot. Ruta Madre is a story about a rite where American culture and Rock and Roll meets the music, traditions and beauty Mexico. Ruta Madre, based on a true story, tells the story of Daniel, a young Mexican-American singer, and his cynical uncle Rodrigo.

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