Where Are Robbers Archie and Marian Cabello Now?

A trio of family members steals approximately 4 million dollars of armored vehicles and bank vaults across the United States and continues to evade authorities for many years. It took over 10 years and the combined power of the IRS, FBI, and numerous local police officials to track the trail of money that was suspicious and obtain a confession by one member of the clan. The story about the Cabello family appears to be straight from the movies.

ABC News ’20/20: Family Business” covers this investigation extensively, helping them understand the intricate investigation procedure. We’ve got you covered if you’re interested in more about the case subject. Find out more about Archie as well as Marian Cabello.

Who Are Archie and Marian Cabello?

Anyone who walks by would think to believe that the Cabello family was living the life of a normal family living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The family’s head, Archie Cabello, a former Marine, was employed as a driver for an armored delivery service firm in 1995. At that time, Archie Cabello planned to carry out an steal. The 48-year-old gangster arranged with his spouse, Marian Cabello., to steal the armored truck he drives. The two came up with a scheme, and Marian, who worked in a local café then, quit her work during the lunch break each day to drive close by and observe Archie driving his armored vehicle over her.

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Marian and Archie continued to follow the same routine until one day, Marian followed Archie to a strip mall where Archie was scheduled to stop at a branch of a bank. Paperworks revealed that Archie had purchased approximately $157,000 about 12.30 after midnight. Two other colleagues of Archie’s and both new to the company were taking a break. Archie dropped the cash bag into Marian’s vehicle, which was parked alongside the truck. The two of them left in the direction of. Archie was fired from his job after the money bag was reported stolen, and the employee feigned ignorance over it.

In 1998 Archie and one of his children, Vincent, collaborated to take a staggering $730,000 from the vault of American Security Corp. Vincent was a shipping and receiving clerk. Archie performed a robbery by sporting a fake beard, sunglasses, and a baseball cap and employing a BB gun to make a prop. His wife assisted Archie, as well as Vincent, cover up the stolen cash. The family moved on to Portland. At that point, the FBI became concerned about their suspicions of the Cabello family, they could not locate any evidence that linked them to any of the crimes.

As of 2005, Archie worked for Oregon Armored Services, making deliveries and pickups for banks and government offices, at which point he decided it was time to do another theft. With the assistance of his wife and son, Archie pulled off the most daring heist ever, stealing the sum of $3 million on the 6th of December, 2005. The thief was only 10 months into his task, and the authorities quickly had him under their nose with his prior record. The FBI searched his modest Portland residence and retrieved about 100 credit cards and cash receipts 620; however, they could not link those to the stolen cash. Archie is believed to be the person who decided what the flow of cash would work within the Cabello family. He made sure that the money stolen was not used in extravagant ways.

The law enforcement officials speculated that Archie was seeking out the period of limitation on their crimes to run out to ensure that the family would not be prosecuted. Archie had an account for a safe deposit for family members under false names at the Safe Deposit Center in East Seattle, where they deposited their stolen money with $100 bills. But, Archie allowed himself occasional indulgences, such as an annual box of cigars and a few glasses of vino. However, he did earn a legitimate income of around $11,000 annually after his involvement in the Oregon heist. It wasn’t until after the IRS became concerned that police began to detect the skewness in the Cabellos financial records.

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Where Are Archie and Marian Cabello Today?

A few days before the time when the time limit for prosecution expired in 2005 for an Oregon theft and the Cabello family was detained by local authorities in the year 2010. They were indicted on the indictment of a 51-count count by a federal grand juror in December of 2010. They included charges like filing a false tax form, conspiring to steal or hold the cash from banks, money laundering, and falsified statements on credit applications for credit cards. Amid the trial and release, they were subsequently released with their passports confiscated and then subjected to surveillance via electronic devices.

In February 2012, Vincent chose to work with the police and give evidence to his family members. Marian also agreed to be a witness in July 2012. But Archie refused to compromise and chose instead to attend the trial. According to the prosecutors, Archie even instructed his son, who was not his, to play the lottery to ensure they could win the prize and also pay the restitution amount. Archie was tried in 2013 and attempted to delay the judicial process by dismissing his lawyer in the final moments. But, he was able to serve as his own lawyer, and he opted to admit guilt. Vincent stood in court to defend his father.

According to court documents, Archie was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment and is being held in jail at La Tuna, the Federal Correctional Institution, La Tuna in Texas. Archie’s expected release date is March 11, 2029. Archie applied for a habeas corpus writ in 2021to to challenge the legality of his convictions but was rejected by the US District Court. Because Marian was cooperating with authorities and cooperated with authorities, she was sentenced to 15 months in prison. But she was released in a matter of weeks since she was already serving most of her time in jail. In the US District Court judge had ordered her to pay her portion of around $1 million, which could not be retrieved by the larcenies.

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