Where Are Police Officers Joseph Gabrish and John Balcerzak Now?

Jeffrey Dahmer Story ‘takes the viewers through Jeffrey Dahmer’s murder rampage. The series explains that Dahmer’s serial killer might have been caught earlier had the police been a bit more alert. On the night of May 1991, police were summoned to Jeffrey’s residence by his neighbor, Glenda Cleveland. Cleveland had claimed that an unidentified boy in his teens was found wandering around the home of the serial killer and was in a state of apparent drug use.

But despite her protests, the police officers, Joseph Gabrish and John Balcerzak, were able to claim that they witnessed no wrong. Let’s look into the specifics of the incident and discover where Joseph Gabrish and John Balcerzak are now and where they are, shall we?

What Are Joseph Gabrish and John Balcerzak?

Joseph Gabrish and John Balcerzak were police officers with the Milwaukee Police Department when they received a routine report on May 27, 1991, concerning the teen boy who had been missing any guardianship. On arrival at the location, Joseph and John found Glenda Cleveland, along with Sandra Smith, Tina Spivey, and Nicole Childress surrounding a naked and bleeding person who was still on the stairs in front of the apartment. Sandra, Tina, and Nicole were the first ones to spot the Laotian boy and alerted the police of the boy’s presence.

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When Joseph and John began to ask around, he discovered that the person who was not yet revealing his identity was leaving Jeffrey Dahmer’s house in a state of stupor. Additionally, he appeared to be under the influence of drugs and was in a state of confusion, and was unable to communicate with police and women who were around him. Jeffrey’s neighbor, Glenda Cleveland, insisted that the man appeared to be in his teens and was in dire need of assistance. The officer kept asking to bring the person to a secure location and assist in returning him to his house.

At that point, however, Jeffrey Dahmer arrived on the scene and claimed the person who was in question was his girlfriend of 19 years. According to Jeffrey Dahmer, the two had disagreed until the supposed partner asked him to buy alcohol from the shop. Glenda and the others at the scene strongly denied the claim and continued asking officers to get the young man safe. But, Joseph and John said they did not see anything unusual, so they permitted Jeffrey to transport him to his home.

Afterward, it was found out that the person was 14 years old. Konerak Sinthasomphone was murdered the following night. Jeffrey had drilled a hole in his skull and then poured a slurry of hydrochloric acid into his head, after which Konerak’s body woke up and attempted to flee. After the police allowed Jeffrey to return to the apartment, the serial killer tried to pour more acid inside, ultimately leading to the suicide of Konerak. However, the New York Times report mentioned that upon his arrest, Jeffrey claimed he killed Konerak right after officers had left.

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Where are Joseph Gabrish and John Balcerzak Now?

After the police had uncovered sufficient evidence to detain and indict Jeffrey Dahmer, Police Chief Philip Arreola attempted to do some damage control. He then suspended Joseph Gabrish and John Balcerzak with pay until their conduct was scrutinized. In addition, John even testified at Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial and was able to put him in prison. The officers eventually were found guilty of gross neglect and pleaded not to contest their ignorance of the duties of the police department, and were dismissed from the police department in 1991.

Even though Joseph and John protested the decision, the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission approved the sackings of the pair in 1992. However, in 1994 an appeals court judge ruled that Joseph and John were reinstated, with back pay in the amount of $55,000 per. Following their reinstatement, Joseph and John pursued a long-lasting career in police work. John Balcerzak remained in Milwaukee and was elected the Milwaukee Police Association president in 2005.

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John was in the post until 2009 before retiring and pursuing an active career as a top-ranking police officer. According to reports, John quit in the year 2017 and is believed to be living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On the other hand, Joseph was a member of his first police department, the Grafton Police Department, in 1993. In 2016, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. In addition, according to sources, Joseph was the Chief of Police in Trenton, Wisconsin, and continues to pursue a career in police work.

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