Where Are Nicholas Piring Nicholas Prato and Kyle Zientek Today?

Some students from Delta Chi members Delta Chi fraternity at Northern Arizona University became involved in an argument against Simga Chi members. They were unaware of the bloodbath to ensue. The fight soon turned into a fatal shooting where twenty-year-old Colin Brough lost his life, and his fellow students, Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato, and Kyle Zientek, were critically injured.

A Chance Encounter’ relates to the tragic shooting and shows how law enforcement officials eventually got the shooter, Steven “Steve” Jones, to justice. But, if you’re curious to know exactly where Piring, Prato, and Zientek are now, we’ve got the answers!

Who Are Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato, and Kyle Zientek?

Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato, and Kyle Zientek were all 20-year-old juniors at Northern Arizona University and were members of the Delta Chi fraternity. Furthermore, Piring, Prato, and Zientek were close friends with Colin, who was also a member of the Delta Chi fraternity. The four often were seen at the same time on the university campus and stayed close by. Their friends and acquaintances described them as lively and fun but generous. They eagerly anticipated graduating from university and moving back to their normal lives.

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The trio of Piring, Prato, and Zientek were all terrified after a shocking and sudden incident claimed their friend’s life. On October 9, 2015, at around 1 am, members of the Sigma Chi fraternity got into an altercation with members of Delta Chi. According to the program, the incident started in an unidentified building located just outside Northwestern Arizona University’s Flagstaff campus. Sigma Chi members alleged that members of the fraternity attacked them in opposition.

However, the incident became a full-on physical fight that soon spread onto the campus even though onlookers kept the situation calm. A few unfortunates, Piring, Prato, Zientek, and Colin, were caught in the brawl because they were all members of the Delta Chi fraternity. But, before anyone could get the situation to an end, shootings were heard throughout the night, and Colin was immediately thrown to the floor.

The witnesses later reported that they had also seen Piring, Prato, and Zientek being wounded from gunshot wounds as a freshman of 18 years. Steven Jones was holding the gun. Steven was quite regretful of his actions and said he was in self-defense when he shot the gun. But, when police arrived on the scene, they declared Colin dead from injuries from gunshots. Then, Piring, Prato, and Zientek were transported to a local hospital which was where the doctors immediately treated their injuries. In the following days, Steven Jones was soon arrested and charged with murder.

Where Are Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato, and Kyle Zientek Now?

Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato, Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato, Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato, and Kyle Zientek were lucky to be spared with no life-threatening injuries. However, it took the three of them a while to recover fully. However, despite their injuries, they were determined to assist investigators from the Police Department and determined to seek Colin’s justice. The three survivors attended Steven’s murder trial and presented evidence against the accused and numerous witnesses. In an astonishing verdict, the jury could not conclude, which led the judge to announce the trial as a mistrial.

Following the mistrial Piring, Prato and his parents, Doug and Claudia Brough filed a lawsuit against Steven and his parents over negligence. However, the show noted that the suit was dismissed after both parties agreed to an agreement outside of court. But, after several delays, Steven pled guilty to manslaughter charges and three charges of aggravated assault, leading to his being sent to prison for six years of prison for 2020.

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As of now, Nicholas Piring seems to be embracing privacy, and although his present whereabouts are unknown, the Northern Arizona University alumnus is living with close friends. However, Kyle Zientek went on to pursue a degree at Universidad de Alicante in Spain but seems to be living with his family in Flagstaff, Arizona. Nick Prato seemingly still resides in Arizona and works as an Office Manager in the Front Office at a well-known hotel chain. He has been happily married to Abbey Prato since 2019, and they have a cute son.

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