Where Are Molly Matheson’s Parents Now?

In April 2017, the mother of Molly Matheson, Tracy, went to her daughter’s house to discover her body in the bathroom. The next step was an investigation that revealed how the murderer remained unpunished even though he had previously been accused of sexual assault.

Molly’s tragic death had a devastating effect on her family members, Tracy and David. It forced her mother to push for improved police work and to identify the patterns of criminals who commit sexual crimes. NBC News ‘Dateline: Wreckage’ looks at Molly’s tragic death and how her parents dealt with the aftermath. We’ll find out details about this couple. Let’s get started, shall we?

Who are Molly Matheson’s Parents?

Molly Matheson was born to Tracy and David Matheson; she was the fourth child in the family and was the sole girl. Tracy described her daughter as a funny, kind, and dedicated 22-year-old. She was passionate about children and even served as a Nanny. Molly would like to become a social worker and help troubled children later. However, everything was removed from her on April 17, 2017.

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On April 10 2017, Tracy received a message from Molly’s employer. Molly hadn’t been showing up for the 1 pm shift. This was uncommon. A close friend informed Tracy that her car was at her residence. Therefore, she drove over there. The door was not locked, and Tracy went into the bathroom only to find her daughter in a shower, dead. The Police were eventually directed to Reginald Kimbro, Molly’s ex-boyfriend from just a couple of years earlier, who Tracy had previously met.

Evidence from biological sources suggested the possibility that Reginald was also accountable for the murder and rape of Megan Getrum, a 36-year-old victim. Her body was discovered in a lake near Dallas, Texas. Authorities later learned that he was charged with numerous sexual assaults throughout Texas but had not been taken into custody. In all the instances, victims asserted that Reginald had raped and choked the victims, exactly as he did to Molly and Megan Getrum.

In the years following Molly’s death, Tracy campaigned for the adoption of Molly Lane’s Law, which was eventually adopted in the year 2019 and required authorities to record the name and birth date of anyone who is suspected of sexual assault together with the specifics of the incident into a national database. The purpose of the law was to help investigators to find patterns and lead to faster arrests.

In the month of March 2022, Reginald confessed to two murders and four additional sexual assaults, which brought some relief for family members of the Matheson family. In the courtroom, David told Reginald, “I really don’t have anything to tell you. You don’t exist. There is no space for you within my head. You will never be able to. You’re the definition of cowards.” Also, he addressed women who spoke up with their accounts of Reginald’s attack on them, saying, “You were not believed. You were ignored, and then you were discarded by the system designed to support you.”

Where are Molly Matheson’s Parents Today?

A few survivors later said that the authorities did not consider them credible when they told Police about Reginald for sexually abusing them. Tracy also investigated the issue and believed that the criminal justice system was in a mess in the investigation of sexual assaults. She felt that victims had little or no assistance, which made it difficult for them to openly come forward. On the anniversary of the death of Molly in the year 2018, Tracy founded Project Beloved.

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The non-profit aims to provide an extra-comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for victims of sexual assault and make it easier for victims to speak up in front of investigators. The rooms are furnished with comfy couches, chairs, pillows, and softly lit lamps. Through the years, Tracy has received requests from several states and federal facilities. Tracy said, “We want to gather more evidence and better evidence. We’d like to look into cases that may appear like they’re not capable of going anywhere…maybe we’ll get an arrest warrant.”

Additionally, Project Beloved provides care bundles to survivors who are examined for a rape kit. The charity also provides scholarships to Social Work students from the University of Arkansas, where Molly was an undergraduate student. Tracy and David reside within Fort Worth and care for their children. Tracy typically has her hands full with the non-profit and her work as an agent. On the other hand, David is the co-owner and vice president of Marketing and Communications at Escalante Golf. In May 2022, Tracy was awarded the Ignite Award at the Conference on Crimes Against Women for her non-profit work.

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