Where Are Lori Vallow Daybell’s Parents Now?

In ‘Sins of Our Mother,’ focusing on the gruesome, ongoing investigation of how Lori Vallow Daybell might’ve played a part in two children’s mysterious deaths, we are given an intimate look into her life of her.

For all that, the Netflix original documentary series includes dramatic footage from the archives, which focuses on her apocalyptic beliefs, and personal reports from people who were once closest to her. There was no one less than Lori’s parents. Should you want to know more about the people who raised them, their beliefs, and their present situation, we’ve got the essential information for you.

Who are the parents of Lori Vallow Daybell?

Born as the 2nd youngest of five children of Janis Lee Cox and Barry Lynn Cox on June 26, 1973. Lori Norene Cox (later Vallow Daybell) grew up in a happy family located in Southern California. “It is just one huge family, and we had lots of amusement,” the matriarch stated in the three-episode show. “I taught all of our children within an LDS Church… And Lori always enjoyed the Scriptures. She was hooked quickly.” Her father even told her she had “started crying” at 8 when trying to teach her about something because she believed he was a “spiritual giant!”

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However, we must note that Janis and Barry began encountering legal issues. In contrast, their children established their identities in the real world in the latter part of the 1990s and into the 2000s. They had been in battle with their way through the Internal Revenue Service with the conviction that “federal taxes on income are illegal” in addition to the fact that “the IRS is a rogue agency,” which had led to back taxes of over $300,000. If that wasn’t enough of a problem, Barry had been found guilty and sentenced to three years for making a false declaration before the IRS in 1999. IRS in 1999. Additionally, being reprimanded by the IRS for “engaging in the illegal application of the law” in 2018.

However, these women, Janis in particular, are known for defending their daughter in connection with the disappearance of her two children, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow (before their remains were discovered). “[Lori has] put her entire life into the children she has lost,” the supportive mother said to CBS News in an interview in May 2020 with her son, Summer. “So we’re aware that there’s an aspect to this. We don’t know the details. But we are aware of the woman.” Janis then added that although she’s not aware of the 16-year-old and 7-year-old’s movements, She’s “positive without a doubt that she hasn’t done anything to harm these children.”

Where are the Daybell’s parents of Lori Vallow Today?

While most members of the Cox family were vocally praising Lori’s innocence in the beginning, their feelings shifted when the children’s bodies were discovered on her husband’s property. In an open letter made by Janis, Barry, Summer, and some others, they said they’d “maintained an unshakeable belief that the children had survived and been well. In the face of that belief and hope seemingly shattered, they try to find comfort and faith in the new situation. They will miss J.J. and Tylee very deeply… The entire family will remain vigilant to the situation unfolding and anxiously await the final outcome with sadness.”

In ‘Sins of Our Mother,’ Janis said, “[The accusers] were right, we were not right. I must never ever say ‘I’m sure” again. I’m not sure… This was a devastating, terrible, shocking realization. I told myself that Lori would not hurt her children, but I was mistaken.” But she later admitted, “I wish to be as gentle with her as possible. I can’t think of a need to pounce on anyone who’s done something terrible… The woman is in prison, and I believe she’ll be there for the duration of her existence. There will be justice dealt with.”

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In terms of Janis and Barry’s current status, we don’t know much about their personal lives because they appear to prefer to remain far from the spotlight nowadays. We can learn from public documents that they currently live within San Tan Valley, Arizona, where Barry was the author of an anti-government publication titled “How an American Public Can Dismantle the IRS In November 2019.

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