Where Are Joshua Guimond’s Friends, Katie Benson and Nick Hydukovich, Now?

Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries: What Did Happen to Josh?’ investigates the tragic story of 20-year-old Joshua Guimond. One evening in November 2002, Joshua was at a friend’s house for a poker night. Then, he vanished just after midnight, without knowing what had transpired from his disappearance. On the show, two of Joshua’s close buddies, Katie Benson and Nick Hydukovich, discuss their experiences dealing with the events that happened if you’re interested to know more about the story, Here’s the information we have.

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Who Are Katie Benson and Nick Hydukovich?

Katie Benson and Joshua Guimond were close friends growing up and went to the same school. They started to date during their sophomore year. They eventually attended prom with each other. She described him as a beautiful person with a good personality. In high school, they attended colleges and were on the same campus. This led them to enroll in the same classes and to continue their friendship.

Nick Hydukovich and Joshua had joined the mock trial team in the latter’s sophomore year. They later became co-captains. They bonded soon after realizing they shared a lot. Nick and Joshua were roommates at the time when the former went missing, and Joshua was only a year ahead of Nick. In the program, Nick stated that he and Joshua were out for breakfast on November 9, 2002. He last saw Joshua at about 6:30 pm. The following later in evening, Joshua headed out for a playdate at a friend’s home to play poker while Nick was at Katie’s home to have a drink.

Joshua was not in his room when Nick returned around 2 am. He became concerned when Nick was not there the next day. On November 10, Joshua went missing as no one had seen him since his last night. As the days grew to months, the hunt for him did not yield any results. Katie admitted to feeling overwhelmed as time passed, as there were no efforts to find her friend. During the investigation process, authorities also inquired about Nick. According to the report, the roommate claimed that he was able to hear Nick and Joshua fighting before the disappearance, possibly over Katie.

Katie said she and Joshua were friends for 4 1/2 years on the show. They ended up breaking up in months, and then Joshua disappeared. When she and Nick thought about the possibility of having a romantic relationship, however, they decided to stay clear of it. What was interesting to the police was the differences between their respective statements. According to the program, Nick said he left Katie’s home at approximately 2:30 am on November 10. his keycard was used as early as 2:42 am. But Katie mentioned that Nick was gone by 1 am or around 1:30 am. The drive took around 7-10 minutes; authorities thought there was some time that was not recorded.

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Where Are Katie Benson and Nick Hydukovich Today?

Nick Hydukovich stated on the show that he was never told that he would be considered a person of interest. He decided against taking an examination to determine if he was lying because of the risk of the possibility of a false positive being detected and directing the investigation in one direction that was not intended. Katie said that she had never believed Nick was involved in it.

It seems Katie Benson has been a secretive person. Katie Benson has maintained a low profile, her last known address being Minnesota. Nick, a student at the University of Minnesota, chose to study legal studies at the University of Minnesota and is currently an Assistant County Attorney in Chisago County, Minnesota. Nick was married to a woman by the name of Dawn in 2008. However, his current relationship status is not clear.

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