Where Are JJ Vallow’s Grandparents Kay and Larry Woodcock Now

It’s a three-episode documentary series that digs into the mystery that led to the murder of Lori Vallow Daybell. Netflix’s “Sins Of Our Mother” is simultaneously enthralling shocking, enthralling, and confusing.

This is because it traces not only her complicated relationship with Chad Guy Daybell but also her journey toward religious extremism and how all of it could’ve caused them to commit murder. But, for the moment, we’ll let you know if you’d like to know more about the largest voices urging justice about the matter of Kay as well as Larry Woodcock — we’ve provided the essential information for you.

Who is Kay or Larry Woodcock?

It was in the mid-2000s when Kay and Larry first encountered Lori (then Lori Cox Ryan) because she was just beginning an intense relationship with her brother Leland “Charles” Anthony Vallow. They reportedly initially liked Lori because she was a good partner, despite their 17-year age difference, and she was a devoted mom to two children from previous marriages. They asked the young couple (in 2013) whether they would consider adopting their grandchild (Kay and Larry’s grandchild) because of the help he required due to the diagnosis of autism, and they agreed.

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The family Lori was Colby Jordan Ryan, Tylee Ashlyn Ryan with Joshua Jaxon “JJ” Vallow; Charles also had two biological sons born from his previous marriage. However, they appear to have been in a shared custody arrangement. The family was good for the family. However, that was until the year 2019 arrived. The year brought about their separation, Charles’s death which led to the end of Tylee and JJ’s disappearance. Kay Larry and Kay Larry were the first to discover the disappearance of the two children when they couldn’t reach JJ since the beginning of August, causing them to reach out to the authorities for a welfare search.

However, the welfare check quickly became two missing person’s cases which turned into a search for minors, and Lori and Chad to find some urgent answers. The grandparents also provided a vast $20,000 reward for anyone with solid, precise information about the child’s location, but nothing. They believed Lori might be keeping them away just since Charles eliminated her from the house to create Kay, one of the beneficiaries of his life insurance policy. However, they didn’t think that their children would eventually die.

Where are Kay as well as Larry Woodcock Today?

“Did we ever suspect of the fact that Lori or Chad could have put the two of them into a religious cult in some place and kept them from the public eye to conceal them? Yes,” Larry admitted to People in the year 2020. “But did we think they’d harm the kids? Absolutely not. I’m still unable to comprehend the things they did to this day. I am awake at night and angry over what has happened to them.” But on the flip side, Kay can’t believe she had once thought in and loved Lori enough to lead an innocent existence, creating such a profound emotional pain that she cannot let it go.

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The couple would like to know the reason. As we’ve learned, Kay and Larry currently reside in Lake Charles, Louisiana. However, they’re determined to attend every court hearing in Idaho, for instance] on their behalf of Tylee, JJ, Charles, and any other person the couple might have hurt. It’s worth noting that Larry thinks that Lori “played with the law” in making her appear unfit to stand in court, and he’s happy she’s now competent and can’t be patient to see her in the courtroom.

“At some point, she’ll look at us,” Larry said. “She’s going to have to do it because I’m not going give her a single inch. I’ll be right behind her just like I was with Chad during his preliminary hearing.” Kay added that they would like Lori to “feel the air rushing through her neck of her.”

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