Where Are Colin Brough’s Parents Today?

A Chance Encounter” tells how Doug Brough and his wife Claudia’s idyllic life was disrupted after a horrific shooting incident caused the loss of their son Colin Brough. The 20-year-old junior at Northern Arizona University was shot to death by Steven “Steve” Jones, a freshman, in a parking lot on the campus of the university in October of 2015.

When losing a child was something every parent feared, Doug and Claudia had an uphill fight ahead of them when they tried to secure Colin the justice he was due. If you’re interested in the case and want to know the whereabouts of Colin’s parents at the moment, we’ve got all the information you need.

Who Are Colin Brough’s Parents?

A junior at Northern Arizona University, Colin Brough was very in touch with his parents, Douglas “Doug” and Claudia Brough. People who knew Doug and Claudia say they are amazing and kind people who always are ready to assist people with smiles. Additionally, Colin was a brilliant student and well in the process of obtaining a degree from a university. His parents had high hopes for his future and believed he’d impress them. However, they did not realize that a sudden and tragic event would change the young man’s life for all time.

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In addition, Colin lived near Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, and was an active member of the Delta Chi fraternity. At around 1 is on October 9, 2015, an intense altercation occurred between a small group of Delta Chi members and others who were members of The Sigma Chi fraternity. The dispute eventually became physical and spread out onto the campus while onlookers attempted to calm the situation. However, during the chaos, one of the students, a freshman aged 18, Steven Edward Jones, produced a gun and killed Colin and his three friends, Nicholas Piring, Nicholas Prato, and Kyle Zientek.

The injuries were too to Colin, who died within a short time, but his companions could get away without injury. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for law enforcement officers to arrive on the scene, and soon they declared that Colin had passed away from shooting wounds. However, the wounded victims were taken to a nearby hospital which provided them with medical attention. It was interesting to note that the investigation seemed very open and sealed since there were witnesses who witnessed Steven shoot his weapon at the victims. So, he was arrested and charged for his role in the incident.

Where Are Colin Brough’s Parents Now?

Doug Brough and Claudia Brough were devastated to discover their son’s premature death, but they were committed to fighting for their rights. The trial of Steven Brough began in April 2017. Colin’s parents accompanied the proceedings daily, hoping the law would follow its course. To their shock, the trial concluded with an inequitable jury, and the judge had to declare an inconclusive verdict.

Dejected and disappointed by the outcome, Doug and Claudia, together with two survivors, Nicholas Piring and Nicholas Prato, brought a civil suit to sue Steven and his family for negligence. Even though the show claims the parties came to a deal and that the lawsuit was dismissed, Doug and Claudia did not quit their struggle to get justice. After a series of back-and-forths, Steven finally pled guilty to three counts of aggravated assault and was found guilty of manslaughter in January 2020.

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Steven was sentenced to six years in prison on February 20, 2020. Doug and Claudia are married and live in Castle Rock, Colorado. The grief of losing an infant is unbearable, but the couple has managed to keep Colin alive through their prayers and thoughts. Furthermore, judging by its appearance of it, they’ve spent time with their loved families and are now combating the ghosts of their past.

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