Where Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids Now?

In March of 2011, an altercation in the parking lot of a pharmacy located in Meridian, Idaho, forever changed the lives of Ashlee’s Birk. She was married to Emmett Corrigan was the shooter in the incident.

Investigation Discovery’s “Til Death” Us Do Part 3: Three Pops and a Pause’ describes how the police solved the case after finding out about Emmett’s relationship with the woman who was the victim’s wife. Ashlee was also in the show. She was the mother of five children to Emmett and spoke about the experiences she experienced at that time. Let’s figure out what Ashlee and her children could be in the future, should we?

Who Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids?

Ashlee had five brothers and sisters in her childhood, and her parents separated when she was around nine years old. As a young girl, she was a sports fan and cheerleader. In 2003, Ashlee turned 21 and was studying for a diploma in human growth at Utah State University when she was introduced to Emmett. They bonded quickly enough and got married in the month of March. In the following years, they had three daughters and two sons. While Emmett was pursuing the law profession, Ashlee was a stay-at-home mother.

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However, by the end of 2010, Ashlee realized that Emmett was not the same. He was becoming detached, and she believed a different person was living in the same space as him. She explained, “I started thinking there’s an additional woman or some other person, and the kids began to ask, ‘Does the guy still live here? He’s always working. ‘” Ashlee turned out to be right because Emmett was involved in one romance with his legal assistant, Kandi Hall.

At the time of the incident, Ashlee was only concerned about her husband having an affair. Ashlee was determined to get things working with Emmett, and, on March 11 2011, she planned a night of celebration in hopes of seeing them reconnect. But Emmett came home late, and they began to argue when she discussed their issues. Emmett then left, saying he intended to go into the drugstore to buy some medication. He planned to go to the pharmacy to see Kandi.

The parking lot was where Emmett was killed in the parking lot by Rob Hall, Kandi’s husband. When Ashlee discovered the story and the death of her husband, she went through an upswing of emotions. She claimed, “Just did not make sense. It was an assortment of emotions asking herself, “Why was I not enough? What was the reason I wasn’t enough for a husband that had a chance and a shot — I wanted him to stay with me and fight for my rights, and instead, he was killed fighting for the wife of someone else.”

Where Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids Now?

After Rob Hall was found guilty of murdering Emmett, Ashlee spoke at his sentencing hearing in 2013. She said that the shooting didn’t just kill Emmett’s life. It also destroyed her family. Ashlee responded in response to Rob’s apology, “I was grateful for how he looked at me. It was something I’ve always needed the man to show.” In the months following the murder, Ashlee started a blog named”The Moments We Stand, ” hoping it would be an opportunity to heal. It was more than that, as many other people reading her blog shared similar feelings.

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Ashlee has also created a non-profit organization named The Reason to Stand to assist those who have experienced the trauma of their life. Ashlee has married Scott Boyson, and they’ve two daughters each. They first met seven years after Emmett’s demise. Ashlee lives alongside her extended family members in Utah. The children she shared with Emmett are all grown in the present and appear to be doing great. Aside from that, Ashlee is also a motivational speaker and has published books on her experiences.

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