Where are Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser Now?

The Wicked tells the horrifying story of two young boys who stabbed their friend, who is 12, to please a fictional online character dubbed The Slender Man. Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser were determined to suffer from mental illness after they stabbed Payton Leutner, their friend Payton Leutner in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in May 2014.

They were sentenced to time in mental facilities for plea agreements. What is the true background of Anissa Morgan and Morgan? What was their motive for committing this terrible crime? And where are they today? Let’s discover.

who is Anissa Weier? Morgan Geyser?

In 2014 Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser were both sixth graders from Waukesha, Wisconsin. Morgan’s mother, Angie Geyser, recalled growing up as a child. Morgan was a very content child. She was extremely creative, constantly creating compelling stories and songs. But, she was subject to lots of bullying, particularly in 6th grade, which caused her to become more withdrawn. Morgan always had difficulty making friends, and Payton Leutner decided to be her friend since Morgan was isolated in school.

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Payton wasn’t the sole girlfriend Morgan had for a long time. Both girls would attend nightly sleepovers, play with each other and enjoy themselves like other kids their age. However, things started going downwards after sixth grade, when Morgan was obsessed with an internet-based character called The Slender Man. Morgan’s mom later admitted that she was concerned about Morgan’s fascination with the Slender Man character.

But, Angie had dismissed the entire idea because it was a child’s idea. She stated, “She (Morgan) would demonstrate certain pictures and tell us stories. While certain of the content was dark, I was not worried. When I was about Morgan’s age, I would read Stephen King novels. I can remember being eleven years old and walking back from the library with the book ‘IT’ on my shoulder. And it’s a frightening and dark tale. Therefore, I believed it’s normal for a kid between middle and high school to be drawn to terrifying stories.”

Anissa Weier

Anissa Weier was a fan of singing and music. She was a child of the choir. Kristi Weier has said that her daughter was extremely imaginative, dreaming of a bigger and more beautiful world for her Barbie dolls. She also remarked, “Looking back, Anissa wasn’t invited to any birthday celebrations. She didn’t make friends so quickly. Anissa never spoke about the struggles she had to face in school.” Anissa had joined Morgan and Payton’s school in sixth grade. They lived in the same school as Morgan. She as well as Morgan were on the bus together to school.

Morgan Geyser

Kristi stated that because both Anissa and Morgan were aware of what they had endured and supported each other. She also claimed that her daughter “never ever spoke to me regarding her faith that she was Slender Man.” However, it all changed at the slumber party Anissa, Morgan, and Payton attended the night of May 30, 2014, celebrating Morgan’s birthday. The girls would go further to join forces to please the fictional character Morgan was obsessed with. The plot resulted in Anisse being a part of Morgan cutting Payton 19 times the following morning.

Where Are Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser? Are they today?

Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser were found by the police when Payton was in surgery. They walked for more than five hours, navigating across the southern part of town. When they were taken in to be interrogated, they were first informed by the police about the myth of The Slender Man. When Anisse presented the events and facts of the day concisely, Morgan appeared nonchalant and even attempted to shift blame onto Anissa. She even stated she needed to kill Payton to please her Slender Man and talked about how she thought about executing the plan for more than five months.

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Anissa and Morgan were evaluated for mental health issues, revealing that Morgan had been diagnosed with schizophrenia with an early onset. Morgan’s family was afflicted with a past of mental health issues, including her father, who was admitted to hospital at least four times with schizophrenia. Morgan admitted to committing attempted murder in the first degree in the early months of 2018 and was later found not guilty because she suffered in the form of mental health issues. The sentence was 40 years of prison in the Winnebago Mental Health Institute, close to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. According to court records, she is currently incarcerated there and will remain there for the rest of her life.

Anissa, who was then 16, was a teenager when she entered into a plea bargain in 2017 in which she admitted to pleading guilty to second-degree intentional murder and an accomplice to the commission of a crime using the use of a deadly weapon. She was also not guilty due to mental illness. She received a sentence of 25 years imprisonment in a mental institution and stayed there for at least three years. The sentence also stipulated that she must remain under the supervision of the state till 2039. The release was granted in September 2021 from the Winnebago Mental Health Institute under conditions that were not disclosed to the public. Now, she is entering her 20s and is averse to the public eye.

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