Where Are Alara And Ceylan Taneri From Dated & Related Now?

The Netflix series ‘ “Dated and Related” is a truly original reality show which is guaranteed to keep viewers entertained. This Dating show is a series that brings young people and couples to a gorgeous house where they are hoping to meet an ideal partner. However, the contestants do not have to be alone on their adventure as they are joined by a cousin or sibling who wants to start a relationship that is their own. The contestants not only have to support their loved ones and friends, but they also have to make a match with their own chance to win the ultimate cash prize, which is $100,000.

The show’s initial season featured several amusing cast actors who made an impression on viewers with their personalities and performances. One of the most memorable duos featured in the first season is Alara and Ceylan Taneri, who had one another’s back throughout their appearance as part of the program. Naturally, many want to find out what the brother-sister pair from Cyprus is doing today, and we’re here to inform you of the similarities!

Alara And Ceylan Taneri’s Dated and Related Journey

Ceylan arrived at the villa before his younger sister Alara with a simple mission. Ceylan had to speed-date all the other guys to determine an uninitiated dating partner for the sister he was. Although Alara preferred Kieran Bishop, based on what she observed from a far-off area, Ceylan chose Deyon Miller to take a date with his younger sister. However, the date was not as successful as Deyon might have imagined, and Alara was extremely interested in the pursuit of Kieran.

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At the Pass the Parcel game that was organized to greet those who were the Perfettos and the Tanaris, Alara kissed Kieran on the cheek to show her love for her Bishop brothers. Then, Kieran kissed Nina Parsijani afterward and subsequently began an affair with Nina. The following morning, Nina and Alara got involved in a dispute over the kiss the Parsijani sister shared with Kieran, which greatly upset Nina. And Ceylan, too, was trying to make a connection together with Julia Perfetto but was not certain how to approach the process.

To help the two out, Melinda Berry, the show host, chose to assign the Tanaris a secret task. The siblings had to convince another couple of siblings that the Tanaris wanted to spend some time in the bathroom with the bath. However, they could not convince the Parsijanis to believe in their story. The Bishops were able to fall into their deceit. To reward them, the siblings had the chance to pick the sibling’s partner for a date that was due to double. Being in love with each other, Alara chose Julia for her brother, and Ceylan selected Kieran for his sister.

The date, however, didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped. Julia clarified the fact that she would be interested in meeting Joey Roppo and Kieran was steadfast in his commitment to Nina. This put the siblings in a difficult spot until the separation of Kieran and Nina. With the approaching Lady’s Choice Prom Night, Alara was granted permission to seek out Kieran from Nina, and she decided to take action despite her anxiety and got him to be her date at the prom.

While their first relationship was not exactly perfect, Alara and Kieran soon became close. Kieran even confided in Alara regarding the death of his mom. Ceylan, who failed to find an invitation to the dance occasion, was delighted to be able to witness Rachel Foster make her entrance into the home. After noticing her brother’s fascination with Rachel, Alara acted like the perfect wing woman. She even applauded Ceylan to Rachel, who allowed the Taneri brother to get the date.

Despite the mutual kisses between the two, Rachel did not feel the passion she was looking for in Ceylan and walked away from Ceylan. As Rachel was rumored to be dating William Wade, Ceylan tried to speak to Rachel at times, which made her more confused. The whole situation changed after Rachel had to select one of her partners to explore any possibility of a romantic relationship. When she chose William, Ceylan and Henry Wade were eliminated from the show.

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While Alara was unhappy about her brother’s absence, she pushed through with Kieran providing her with a support system. They did experience some rough times during the episode when Kieran interrupted Alara when they were fighting with William concerning his attitude towards women. But that didn’t hinder them from standing up at the right time to affirm their relationship status before the final. While they were among the top three couples, Alara and Kieran lost to Kaz along with Diana. If you’re interested in knowing exactly what Tanaris are doing in the present, we’ve got our back!

Where Are Alara And Ceylan Taneri Now?

At the time of writing as of writing, both Alara and Ceylan appear to be living their lives to the highest degree. Alara is currently a Fashion Designer and often appears in clothing and accessories on social media. The reality TV star has their own Instagram page where she showcases her designs for apparel. While the status of the relationship between Alara and Kieran hasn’t been declared officially, we think they are together. Ceylan, Alara, and Kieran have recently been at their first Sundown Festival with several castmates.

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In addition, Alara has shared various photos of herself, Nina Parsijani, and Kieran in a humorous post that demonstrates the possibility of a friendly relationship among the trio. In the meantime, Ceylan is multitasking as a YouTuber, footballer, and Twitch streamer, but he hasn’t yet posted any content on the last two platforms. Ceylan is also a part of the Cyprus Turkish Football Association and is a part of the Yesiltepe Ilgaz SD club. We hope Ceylan and Alara have all the success in their future endeavors, and we hope they succeed in both their professional and private lives.

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