Where and What Year Does The Serpent Queen Take Place?

Starz’s ” The Serpent King The Serpent Queen’ is a period drama that tells the life of Catherine de Medici, tracing her journey from an unfortunate orphan to the queen of France who left an unforgettable mark upon the entire world. The production captures the ambiance of the 16th century thanks to its stunning settings and elaborate costumes.

Although the story embraces the contemporary feel of the fourth-of-wall breaking technique, at its heart, it is an unresolved chess match between two political factions with a single woman trapped in the game, trying to survive using whatever means are available. The story progresses quite quickly, which makes it possible to get lost in the flow of the story. We’ve got you covered if you’re interested in knowing what time and place the story unfolds.

When Does The Serpent Queen Take Place?

“The Serpent Queen’ is split into two time periods. The first began in 1560 when Catherine de Medici was in her forties in the early years of her life. The year in which this happened was when her son, Charles IX, was coronated, and the celebrations began in the aftermath of that moment. The coronation preparations are being made, and Catherine is in search of an assistant who will keep her entertained with interesting conversations throughout the time while also engaging with activities she considers boring.

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At this point, Catherine has already attained the status that places her in a position of authority. She is queen, and from how guards and maids respond to her mention, it appears that Catherine has also gained the fame and respect that bestowed her the title of Serpent Queen. Rahima, the maid Rahima, is hesitant to take the orange Catherine provides her with to eat this suggests that the maid has been exposed to the tales of Catherine poisoning her subjects left and right.

In a conversation in conversation with Rahima that Catherine starts to speak about her experiences in the past. Catherine was born in the year 1519. In an instant succession of events, we learn the misfortune that has accompanied her from the time of her birth. The show stops in 1536 when we meet 17-year-old Catherine, who is in the convent and being cared for at the hands of the religious nuns.

It is also the 2nd timeline in the story, and we follow Catherine’s story right from the beginning. In both timelines, there are stark contrasts between the two Catherines. Over the course of developments, we’ll see the younger, innocent version become more hardened by her experiences and transform into the confident, cunning Catherine. She is now the queen of France today.

Where Does The Serpent Queen Take Place?

Catherine de Medici was France’s queen, and, logically, her story begins in France. We meet her during the moment when she’s enjoying the peak of her power and also her status as a dangerous woman. The program takes its time to bring more about the events of 1560 France to us, particularly concerning the events happening within the palaces of the walls. These events ultimately alter the direction of Catherine’s reign.

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In the timeline of young Catherine, We are brought back to Florence but only short. The City was where she was born and orphaned a few months later. Her tragedy continues when she dies of her mother, who was the sole person left to care for her. Without anyone to care for her, She is placed in the convent of Tuscany, where she spends the following days of her life. Until the day she is rescued by rebels. She is later saved by her uncle, Pope Clement VII, who will wed her to the second King of France’s son. From this point, the story of Catherine is told through the courts of France, and this is where she lives until her last breath.

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