When Will 1932 Be Released | Will There Be Season 2 Of 1883

If you felt sad when it turned out to be actually more of a limited-run series (myself included), Don’t fret. There’s the brand-new Yellowstone Prequel Series, 1923, that will be released in the near time. The brand new series is an additional chapter in the story of the origins of the Dutton family. It has recently undergone the most significant name change. The show’s star-studded U.K. launch, Paramount announced that the series, which was previously titled 1932, was now known as 1923… which will bring the show further back, in time, in time, to 1883and possibly allowing some of the characters from the past to be in the new show.

Taylor Sheridan is once more the creator behind this story set within the Yellowstone universe and, just as 1883is scheduled to become a Paramount Plus original series. It’s really just one of many projects Sheridan is developing for Paramount and Paramount Plus, which include Yellowstone season 5 as well as a brand new series in various timelines that remain being developed as part of the Yellowstone universe. This includes The Tulsa King, Lioness, and The Bass Reeves Story.

Here’s everything we have learned regarding 1923, 1923, and the most recent Yellowstone prequel.

What’s the 1923 release date?

Paramount Plus has announced that 1923 will debut in December 2022, but the exact date hasn’t been established.

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The release in December is similar to how the 1883 series was launched — the show premiered in the U.S. in December 2021. Alongside the streaming service Paramount Plus, 1883also launched its two first episodes via the cable channel Paramount Network with new episodes of Yellowstoneseason 4 before when the remaining episodes were only available on this streaming channel. It’s unclear whether 1923is likely to follow the same release plan; however, there’s a high possibility Yellowstoneseason 5 will feature new episodes simultaneously.

What’s the plot of 1923?

The Dutton family is one of the major characters in Yellowstone, and the prequels tell the stories of the Dutton family before what transpired in Yellowstone. While the year 1883 followed the Duttons in their participation on a wagon-train journey from Texas to their final destination in Montana, 1923 brought the Duttons to an important stage at the turn of the century. Here’s the official synopsis of the movie from Paramount Plus:

“The Next Yellowstoneorigin tale will present a brand new Generation from the Dutton family and will explore the beginning of the 20th century, which was a time during which droughts, pandemics as well as the ending of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who reside there.”

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Who is part of the 1923 casting?

Announcements for casting announcements began in 1923and the two initial actors to be cast A-list were Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford.

It’s not clear which of Mirren, as well as Ford, is currently playing at this moment, but we can make a few educated speculations (some spoilers if you’re not familiar with Yellowstone or the 1883 season).).

Following seeing 1883and experiencing flashback scenes from Yellowstone, In the meantime, there’s evidence to suggest the character Margaret Dutton, played in both of the cases by Faith Hill, may still be alive by 1923 — If so. If so, her role as the Dutton mother could make a perfect character for Mirren to take on.

In the case of Ford, considering the fate of the Tim McGraw character James Dutton and that 1883‘s small John Dutton would only be in his 40s by 1923, It’s more likely that he’s playing someone other than the Dutton family. It’s unclear if that’s a foe or friend. It is up to debate.

This page will be updated when new cast members are announced and details on their playing roles are announced.

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Are there 1923 trailers?

We’re not sure, at least not yet. We’d guess that the 1923 trailer will not be released until the fall of 2022. However, we’ll publish it if we see one.

What to keep an eye on Yellowstone and 1883

If you’re trying to catch up on one of the series, Yellowstone or 1883, in preparation for 1923, The two series are available for streaming, although in different locations.

The entire series from 1883are accessible for streaming for the first time on Paramount Plus. In the U.S., All season four of Yellowstone is streaming on Peacock -you have to be a Peacock premium subscriber to stream the series. In the U.K. In the U.K., the two films 1883 and Yellowstone are available on the Paramount Plus streaming service, which will be available in the U.K. on June 22.

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