When Is Maverick Streaming On Paramount Plus?

The surprise everyone (except possibly the leading man Tom Cruise), Top Gun: Maverick blew apart the world box office to become the most successful film in the world (so to date) and also one of the best Hollywood sequels ever.

Joseph Kosinski’s thrilling tale of a senile flying ace won the hearts of both audiences and critics, and we gave the film five out of 5 in our glowing evaluation and also served as an appropriate reminding us of the fact that Netflix and Marvel films aren’t the only things to be seen in 2022.

There’s no reason to doubt why Top Gun fans are eager to find out when they will be able to take in the long-awaited return of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from the at-home comforts of their home.

When Is Top Gun Maverick Streaming On Paramount Plus

Before you go any further into the review in the article, we’ll provide an update: although we’ve released times for VOD (to buy digitally) as well as the physical version of the film and streaming dates are most likely to be at the very least Paramount+ – have not been announced as of now despite some websites claiming that they do. This is because the VOD date is now out, and even though you can technically stream the content, you’ll need to purchase the movie first instead of it being released on Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix. It appears that it will not be long before you can stream the movie…and maybe even before it comes out in its physical form.

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Information on the film’s release on streaming services isn’t clear on the ground. However, we now have a complete list of information about how to buy it as a digital download and on discs and Blu-Ray.

Let’s start with what we can be certain of. As of right now, due to the ongoing financial success, Top Gun: Maverick isn’t available for streaming anyplace in the world.

The film debuted in theatres on May 27; however, Maverick went over that $1.3 billion threshold on August 1 and is likely to play exclusively on big screens until the beginning of September, when the studio behind the film, Paramount, will inquire about its possible inclusion in streaming services.

On July 18, we found a note beneath the film’s pre-order price that suggests that the movie will have a VOD launch date of August 23, 2022.

Amazon has removed the message in the past. Still, it’s now confirmed that you’ll be in a position to watch and download the purchased or rented version of Top Gun: Maverick from August 23, 2022, in the U.S. however, it will be available from August 24 for those in the U.K.

It’s only possible to purchase it for your online locker. However, the cost is $19.99 /PS13.99 to have the film is reasonable, especially considering other blockbuster movies can cost more than the premium download.

You’ll be able to download it from multiple platforms with Apple T.V.

If you’d like to view the film on the physical disc… then it’s a bit longer. This Top Gun: Maverick Blu-Ray release is scheduled for November 1, 2022, in the U.S. and October 31, 2022, in the U.K.

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The post-theatre release schedule is in line with the film’s Paramount stablemate Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which debuted on VOD platforms three months after its debut in theatres.

As we said, Maverick’s popularity has remained constant. It could be in theatres for a long time as some industry experts(opens in a new tab) have even suggested the film could get an unusual 120-day release period, which makes sense considering the huge gross earnings.

Do you think The Top Gun: Maverick will come to Paramount Plus?

In terms of when Top Gun: Maverick is available on streaming services, however, the jury isn’t out. The film will likely be able to make Paramount Plus it is the primary home. However, it’s not clear yet when it’ll be accessible to stream on the relatively new platform.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 hit Paramount Plus the very same day of its VOD publication (i.e., three months after the theatrical release to coincide with other recent projects). However, Top Gun: Maverick isn’t doing the same thing, given its staggering box office popularity.

It’s been proven ( via N.Y. Times that Top Gun: Maverick won’t be subject to the same 45-day timeframe restrictions – meaning it may tie to the network’s agreement with Tom Cruise to maximize box office revenues.

In his exclusive film deal, the film’s main character, Tom Cruise, has the final say over the date Top Gun: Maverick makes the switch to Paramount Plus, and reports suggest Paramount is pushing Tom Cruise to accept a reduction in the time frame for the film’s theatrical exclusivity to make money from its success (i.e., to attract more customers into Paramount Plus).

On the other hand, Cruise may lobby to extend Top Gun: Maverick’s theatrical release date even more due to the film’s outstanding performance. Cruise is, after all, an advocate of the cinematic experience, so it’s hard to imagine Cruise approving an initiative that would bring his beloved big screen production to streaming services earlier than is absolutely necessary.

As of now, we don’t know when the film Top Gun: Maverick will come to Paramount Plus. As we said, Paramount movies have, in most cases, hit the streaming platform within three months of their debuts on the big screen, but Top Gun: Maverick doesn’t seem likely to release until the VOD announcement scheduled for August 23.

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In addition, Paramount Plus is now accessible in more countries than it has ever been. The service was launched recently in the U.K. following its launch in the U.S. earlier this year. It costs $9.99 or PS6.99 monthly (or $4.99 monthly for viewing with ads when you’re in the U.S.).To our knowledge, however, Paramount Plus isn’t yet in a position to be competitive at the level of Netflix. Disney Plus and studio executives are looking forward to seeing if Top Gun: Maverick changes the situation sooner rather than later.

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