What Is Tatu Baby Real Name? Tatu Baby Net Worth And Instagram

What is Tatu Baby’s real name? Tatu Babies is one of the renowned reality T.V. stars and American tattoo artists. What is Tatu Baby’s real name? Tatu Baby has over one million users who follow her on Instagram, and her fans and followers are wondering which is her actual name. Learn more about Tatu Baby’s Real Name and her net worth, as well as Instagram.

What Is Tatu Baby Real Name?

Katherine Flores is well known under the name Tatu Baby. She is a well-known reality T.V. star and an American tattoo artist. The contestant was in the second season of Ink Master season 2 in 2012. She currently appears as the main character in Cartel Crew. Cartel Crew is a reality T.V. show that focuses on those who are connected to drug cartels. Check out Tatu Baby’s bio.

How do I find out Tatu Baby the real name?

Tatu Baby’s real name is Katherine Flores. Her birth date was October 28 27th, 1987, in Miami, Florida. Tatu’s father was an infamous drug criminal who was a drug kingpin in Queens, New York. He was killed at the age of Tatu baby was only 4 years old. Tatu Baby did not disclose her father’s name when she joined the Cartel Crew.

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When her father passed away, Tatu’s mom wanted to quit the drug industry to ensure her family’s safety. Tatu Baby started tattooing professionally at the age of 19. Her influences include Nikko Hurtado, Jose Lopez, and Steve Butcher. Tatu Baby was a part of the competition show for tattoos, “Ink Master,” with six years of experience in the second season. Tatu Baby has one child together with Eddie Soto, and she is not married as of 2020.

Tatu Baby Net Worth

What Is Tatu Baby Real Name

The net worth of Tatu Baby is thought at $1.5 million. We know that she was part of the tattoo contest program “Ink Master.” In the show, she was ranked fourth. Tatu was invited to return for the 3rd season. After the third season of Ink Master, Tatu started her own shop called Till the End Tattoos in Miami, Florida. Tatu Baby was portrayed as the main character in 2019 on Cartel Crew, a VH1 show Cartel Crew. The show followed the families of relatives who were linked to cartels and drug dealers. The show continued in the second season and was released in 2019.

Tatu Baby Instagram

Tatu Baby is a popular Instagram user with more than one million fans on Instagram. She frequently posts on social media platforms. Tatu Baby has numerous tattoos on her own. Tatu Baby has been tattooed by Billy Vegas, David Gonzalez, Shane O’Neill, Boog, Johnny Quintana, Jon Mesa, Mike Dargas, Hector Arriaga, and Jime Litwalk. Her Instagram posts include tattoos in the majority. Here are a few pictures from Instagram posts.

Tatu Baby Tattoos

Tatu Baby was tattooed by singer Karol G as well as Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA in August 2020. Anuel AA, who is above the right part of his eyebrow, received “Fear God” with a cross below the tattoo. Karol G’s tattoo is a butterfly on her right hand and “+57” as well as “1991” on her left hand. Tatu Baby is tattooing famous faces such as Dalex, Luis Fonsi, Jason Derulo, and Rick Ross. American Basketball player Dwyane Wade and boxer Canelo Alvarez, among others, were also tattooed by Tatu Baby. Tatu Baby was named one of the top 10 tattoo brands worldwide in a report by Tess Adamakos of Inked Magazine.

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What is Tatu Baby’s real name? -FAQ

1. Who’s Tatu Baby?

She is a renowned reality T.V. star and American tattooist.

2. How do I find out Tatu Baby’s actual name?

Tatu Baby’s actual identity is Katherine Flores.

3. Is Tatu Baby worth it? Tatu Baby’s Net Worth?

She has a net worth of $1.5 million.

4. How old does Tatu’s baby’s birthday?

She is 34 years old.

5. What year was Tatu Baby birthed?

Her birth date was October 28, 1987.

6. What was the place Tatu Baby was birthed?

Her birthplace was Miami, Florida, United States.

7. Who is Tatu Baby’s influences?

Her sources of inspiration include Nikko Hurtado, Jose Lopez, and Steve Butcher.

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