What Is Smoking Clone In Jail? Get The Meaning For Smoking Clone In Prison

What’s the deal with smoking a clone in Jail Inmates in Clark County Jail in southern Indiana go to extreme efforts to be high. As per Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel that 80 percent of the jail’s inhabitants are on drug-related charges. Read this article to learn more about what is the status of a person who smokes a clone in jail.

What Is Smoking Clone In Jail?

A majority of drugs are not allowed in prisons, but it doesn’t mean that prisoners can’t continue taking the drugs. In fact, prisoners in two jails featured in the intense documentary series “60 Days In” go to extreme lengths to get high even when guards aren’t watching. The fourth season is about ordinary people who work as inmates for a period of two months to uncover weaknesses in our criminal justice system. The first two seasons were filmed in Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana, while the most recent seasons were filmed in the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. The undercover inmates, who were provided with false identities and were booked under fraudulent charges in connection with their Time in jail, found out the many ways inmates got high.

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What Is Clone In Jail?

It is sent to the facility, and inmates utilize it to induce a high by tearing tiny pinky nail pieces and smoking the pieces. After sixty days, the whole process is repeated, except instead of spreading it onto paper, it’s sprinkled on natural leaves and then left to dry. Prisoners devise various creative methods for obtaining drugs while in jail, as those who participated in “60 Days in” the A&E documentary show “60 Days In” discovered. The documentary is about seven prisoners in prison with fake identities to reveal systemic issues. One of them, Zac, regarded that during everyday “pill calls,” when prisoners are offered their medication they might “cheek” it.

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Are 60 Days Real Or Scripted?

The show premiered in the year 2016, and the producers admit that the show wasn’t scripted. In the end, there’s some speculation as to why the show has gained huge popularity over the last few years. Greg Henry, an executive producer, said that jails’ compositions tend to depend on the individual who was interviewed. The information comes from the criminal or corrections officer, who both (naturally) differ in their views.

This is why the show used the audience: “We truly wanted to create how to make a show in which your voices were you and us.” They’d be real individuals, which means we’d be able to view the show from a completely neutral viewpoint.” Surprisingly enough, the practice of placing law-abiding citizens of all ages in jail isn’t illegal. The contestants are held under fake identities. Every person in prison is required to sign release forms too.

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