What is an EFP bomb on the Terminal List?

Based upon the 2018 namesake book of American author Jack Carr,’ The Terminal List’ revolves around Lt. Commander James Reece ( Chris Pratt), a Navy SEAL platoon commander who loses his family and team in quick succession. Reece believes he is the victim of a conspiracy, even though almost everyone else believes otherwise. He begins to search for those responsible and becomes convinced.

Episode 5, titled “Disruption”, features Reece going after Steve Horn, the chief of Capstone Industries. After concluding that Horn is responsible for the deaths of his wife, daughter and comrades, Reece then goes after Horn. Reece uses an EFP bomb to attack Horn. This is all you need to know. SPOILERS Ahead

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What is an EFP Bomb?

Reece uses an EFP bomb to attack Horn in ‘The Terminal List. Reece has the support of his friends, former Army pilot Liz Riley (Tyner rushing), Marco Del Toro (Marco Rodriguez), and former SEAL turned CIA operative Ben Edwards and Taylor Kitsch.

Episode 5: Liz is determined to help Reece get rid of Horn. However, Liz becomes more concerned as Reece continues suffering from paranoia, headaches, and memory problems due to his brain tumour. Reece implies that he plans to kill Horn on the streets of San Francisco during broad daylight. Liz says she won’t be involved in something that would put innocent civilians at risk. Reece assures Liz that EFP is extremely precise and won’t happen.

Capstone headquarters is attacked. As Horn prepares to enter his armoured car, Liz pulls the law enforcement away. A journalist, Katie Beranek (Constance Wu), chooses to confront Horn now. Reece is found in the van right next to Horn’s car, and she attempts to escape. Horn spots Reece too, and the latter detonates the EFP bomb. Horn and some members of his security team survive the blast. But Reece guns them down one at a time. Katie can survive the encounter, and there are no reports of civilians being killed.

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Are EFP Bombs Real?

Yes, EFPs exist. The acronym stands to indicate explosively formed penetrator or explosively formed projectile. These are also called self-forging warheads and self-forging pieces. The explosive charge transforms a metal plate into an explosive projectile hurled at the target. This is why the name.

EFPs were developed by American oil companies in the 1930s to be used for oil well perforators. They were used in World War II combat. EFPs can be described as a type of specially shaped charge. EFPs are different from conventional charges in that they create a special type of projectile that is shaped and retains its shape and penetrating power, even when travelling long distances. This is not possible with conventional charges. It loses momentum as it travels further. EFPs were used historically to attack armoured cars (as seen in the episode). 1989 Assassination Of Alfred Herrhausen, a German banker.

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