What Is a White Hart in House of the Dragon | How Is It Related to Game of Thrones?

HBO’s ” House of the Dragon ” shows take the viewers in the time of the most popular show ever on the network, ‘ Game of the Thrones. It is set about 200 years before the first series, ‘House Of The Dragon, is a drama about the bloody civil war that rages between 2 factions that make up the Targaryen dynasty if Game of Thrones is an adaptation of George R. Martin’s. Martin’s epic novel series, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire “House of the Dragon” is the television adaptation of some of Martin’s books of the same name, ‘Fire and Blood. It is, as you can imagine that both shows are linked.

In the ‘House of Dragon’s Season, 1 Episode 3 titled ‘Second Of His Name’ Viserys 1 Targaryen (Paddy Considine) is out hunting in the Kingswood, as do the rest of his court. The group discovers the existence of the White Hart within the woods. We have the answer if you’re wondering the nature of this and whether it’s ever mentioned in the ‘Game of Thrones series. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Is a White Hart?

Hart is an ancient English word meaning male deer. Therefore the word “White Hart” White Hart literally means a matured white stag. In the movie House of the Dragon, White Harts were thought to be an emblem of royalty for a long time before dragons landed in Westeros. It is believed that the White Harts have magical properties. The hunter group accompanying Viserys can capture a mature deer for the King to kill.

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The King utilizes a spear handed to him by Jason Lannister to slaughter the animal, even though it isn’t necessarily white. Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock) and Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) encounter the real White Hart in the following film. Ser Criston Cole reaches for his sword, but the princess stops him. The deer soon changes direction and flees.

The whole episode is packed with symbols. When Viserys takes down the deer in the second shot, a shaky silence falls over the crowd that has gathered for the hunt. The look of the animal is possibly a sign of the authenticity of Visery’s reign, which harks all the way back to the Great Council. It’s not to say that the decision of Viserys was unlegitimate. However, the majority of the lords of The Seven Kingdoms voted for him for the simple reason that they were men.

Contrary to this, Rhaenyra is Viserys’ legitimate heir, which means she can meet the real White Hart. Ser Criston’s involvement in the encounter is interesting. In the novels, Ser Criston is referred to as the Kingmaker in the future after convincing Aegon II, the daughter of Viserys and Alicent Hightower, to overthrow Rhaenyra and take over the Kingship.

How Is White Hart Related to Game of Thrones?

In “A Game of Thrones,” the first book in the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire series, The White Hart of Kingswood, is mentioned several times. In the 3rd Sansa chapter, the character is said to have a dream in which Joffrey kills the White Hart. In the 11 13th chapter of the Eddard, Petyr Baelish informs Ned that the King’s team has encountered a White Hart. However, it had already been consumed by wolves and killed. This leads king Robert I Baratheon ( Mark Addy) to hunt an animal that is wild, eventually resulting in his demise. In “House of the Dragon the film, Rhaenyra is also confronted by boars. However, she can survive after killing the animal using the help of Ser Criston.

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Robert’s death in ” Game of Thrones is played out exactly the way that it’s depicted in the novels. Therefore, it is evident that episode 3 clearly references the original series, linking one hunter expedition with the Kingswood and another 200 years separated. Furthermore, the emblem of the House Baratheon is the crowned stag in the field of gold. Cersei Lannister later confesses she orchestrates the murder of her husband, Robert. If Viserys kills her stag with the spear of a Lannister, likely, this isn’t accidental.

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