What Happened to the Hangman Adam Page? AEW Hangman Adam Page Injury Update

What happened to Adam Page? Adam Page: Fans of Hangman Adam Page are in search of the events that happened to Adam Page, Hangman Adam Page. Recently, Hangman Adam Page is said to be injured and this affected his fans quite a bit. If you’re unaware of the events that happened to the Hangman Adam Page, don’t worry you can find out in this article.

What happened to Adam Page? Adam Page?

The main match of Dynamite on the Tuesday of the 18th of October night, appears to have led to an unimaginably painful injury to Hangman who was who was the previous All Elite Wrestling World Champion.

When he was battling to win the title against the current champ Jon Moxley, Page was knocked down by the latter after he landed a powerful lariat , which put him in the ground for a few minutes and required medical attention.

A backstage source said Page “may be suffering concussion” in the event that was called off due to “a genuine medical issue,” According to PWInsider although the site noted that it did not “have any 100% proof.”

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After the main event, as per PWInsider, Page “left the venue to undergo an examination at the local hospital.”

After the horrific incident that occurred on Tuesday night, a lot of AEW colleagues as well as others working in the world of wrestling offered their best wishes to Page as well as the top AEW wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman and former WWE champion Big E, who is recovering from a fractured neck injury.

How did AEW Hangman Adam Page Get Injured?

In the main match at the evening’s AEW Dynamite in Cincinnati Champion Jon Moxley faced up against rival Adam Page for the global championship. Just a few weeks ago, The Hangman won the Rampage Royale, giving him the chance to be two-time champion in the same year for the very first time ever since he lost to CM Punk in Double or Nothing.

The game, however, ended quickly as Moxley hit Page by a powerful king Kong lariat. This caused Page to fall and fall badly on his neck and head. When the referee as well as Ringside doctor Paul Turner arrived to check on Page They discovered that he wasn’t fit enough to participate, and the match was cancelled.

AEW Hangman Adam Page Injury Update

The main competition at AEW Dynamite was cut down in the early hours of tonight due to Hangman Adam Page hurt himself competing in the AEW World Championships against Jon Moxley. Page appeared to grab an untidy line from Moxley and fell on his face. After examining Page the officials came into the ring and stopped the contest. When Page was removed from the arena on a stretcher, cameras swiftly changed to the announcers who occupied the time by showing upcoming matches. Then, Moxley wished Page well and hoped that he’d soon be walking and playing with his child again.

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AEW released the following information in a post-update “Hangman Adam Page was taken today by medical staff to an Cincinnati trauma center. He was diagnosed with concussion. He was released, but will be in AEW’s concussion treatment program. AEW as well as Hangman Page are thankful for the prompt and professional treatment of the staff as well as local medical personnel and we are grateful for the kindness and support shown by fans across the world.”

Hangman Page Twitter

Hangman Page can be found on Twitter under the name @theAdamPage. He is frequently tweeting on Twitter and has 327K followers. If you’d like to follow his account on Twitter follow the link and click on the follow button.

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