What happened to Michael Myers and Corey in Halloween Ends Explained

In the days prior to the premiere of Halloween Ends, Jamie Lee Curtis acknowledged that the fans could be upset by the content. There was some speculation on what he was referring to. Since the film is out, we know the plot twist that is sure to puzzle many fans but has pleased those looking for something different than the standard paint-by-numbers-slasher. Michael’s savagery is passed on to the next generation, and we now have another killer who is wearing the burned and worn William Shatner mask.

Even though Jamie Lee Curtis might receive the biggest credit, the main theme of Halloween’s finale revolves around a young man called Corey Cunningham, played by Rohan Campbell. The film’s opening scene shows Corey in the process of killing a child who he was babysitting for Halloween 2019. It’s graphic and shocking, and it destroys Corey’s existence.

While he hasn’t been accused of committing any crime, the majority of the population of Haddonfield has been against the town. A lot of residents believe Corey is a serial killer. Some people believe in him, particularly Laurie Strode and her granddaughter Allyson ( Andi Matichak). Laurie helps him in times of bullying, and Allyson is attracted by the anger she sees in him since she’s feeling it too.

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What Happened to Corey in Halloween Ends

Corey’s Life is dramatically altered when a group of bullies assaults him on a bridge, with one of them throwing him to the floor below. In the midst of this, someone unidentified is able to pull his unconscious body into the sewer pipe in Pennywise style. If Corey awakes, he’s assaulted in the form of Michael Myers.

There have been many reports of people missing over time. We know the reason now. The Shape is still around and comes out now and again to take on new victims. Corey is supposed to be his most recent; however, when Michael puts his hands over Corey’s throat, there is a change that transforms this movie into a totally different animal, as well being the beginning of a new one.

While Michael is vomiting blood at Corey as his most recent victim struggling to remain conscious, we focus on Michael’s eyes (or the one left). Then, we zoom in on Corey’s eyes, revealing The Shape’s mask visible in the eyes. Michael can see himself through the eyes of Corey, literally and later. A quick and slick collage of images shows the horrors Corey has been through, juxtaposed with pictures that show the mask.

At this moment, what is Michael looking at? Is it possible that Michael can see the truth of what happened to Corey, or is there something he sees in his eyes that is evil hidden beneath his sadness, just waiting to be let loose? Whatever the case, the demon inside Michael “transfers” itself to Corey with the power of waking up the anger that was buried within Michael. A bond is formed that is when Michael does something he’s previously never done. Michael releases Corey and allows him to live.

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When Corey is able to get from the sewer, he’s confronted by a homeless man. The man had witnessed Michael Myers take people into the sewer before but never emerged. “Why did he allow you to be alive?” he asks. He gets in the face of Corey and insists that Corey return to his room and put on his mask.

“I’m Michael Myers,” the man declares, taking out an axe. In self-defense, Corey kills the homeless man. Like the kid a couple of years ago, the killing isn’t deliberate or an act of violence, but it’s the end of the line. When Corey returns home and stares at his bathroom mirror, the terrified child disappears, leaving an unmoved and angry look.

Whatever is happening to Corey, Laurie now senses that it’s happening to her, too. When she observes Corey sitting by the hedge in front of her home, a reminiscence of the same incident from the year 1978’s Halloween, she is shocked, having been his most loyal supporter.

Allyson can sense a shift as well, yet she is adamant about him, her sorrow becoming his. He informs Allyson in a diner that he’s not scared of people anymore. The next thing he does is confront an ex-boyfriend of Allyson’s, an officer named Mulaney ( Jesse C. Boyd), that will not let her go. Following this, a frightened Allyson tells him, “Just burn it all to the ground.” A more confident Corey says, “I’ll light the match,” and looks over his shoulder to the cop’s spot.

In the evening, when Corey dropped off Allyson at her home, He rode off with his motorbike. Mulaney closely follows in his automobile. Corey isn’t heading home, however. He returns to the sewers under the bridge, and as Mulaney searches for the man, Corey attacks. He then jumps through the sewer, laughing as if daring Mulaney to follow his trail. Of course, he follows and then finds Corey sitting still, looking at him with a smile in his eyes. Then The Shape we’ve been waiting for strikes.

Myers fights Mulaney, But he’s seen to be extremely fragile and falls to the ground and struggles to get back up as Mulaney is able to fight back. “Show me how you can achieve this,” Corey begs of Michael. “Get Up!” he yells, and for a brief moment, the Boogeyman appears to be a sympathetic, sad old man being hounded.

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He manages to get to his feet, but as Corey can hold Mulaney, Michael initially stabs the cop to death with a limp and a slow pace. Still, later as he makes the first cut, his body begins to shake, and the killing process begins; the cop transforms and strengthens Myers before the cop is standing straight and looking exactly like the Myers in earlier films.

When Corey visits Allyson’s house, which they share with Laurie, her mother, she sees Corey and Allyson going upstairs. She isn’t able to see until she can sense that Michael Myers is there too and is outside, the area where his new friend is looking at Laurie from behind the trees. Did they go to the sewer with each other? Did Corey inform Michael of the place where Laurie lives, or did Michael locate them by himself?

Halloween Comes to an End is now an all-out slasher when Corey, in a scary mask, lashes out at a devious doctor Allyson is employed by ( Michael O’Leary) as well as the colleague Deb ( Michele Dawson) at the doctor’s luxurious home. Corey is now his persona. But that doesn’t mean he’s immune, however.

Although he can take out the doctor on the street, Deb gets away, damaging Corey’s arm and taking her place inside the home. Corey is adamantly banging on the sliding glass door, and then he gets even more agitated as Michael does his best job killing Deb by slashing her against the wall. Before he can make the killing, he glances at Corey on the other side of the door to ensure he’s watching as if he’s teaching his new apprentice.

Later, while Corey is in a relationship with Allyson, The two are attacked by a DJ at the station. The two are parked on the road, and Laurie watches them. Corey is watching her and stares at her with a look of disgust. He then looks at his obnoxious mother with disgust when she kicks him and the boy out of her home. As he lies in bed at the abandoned house, where the boy who was his caretaker once perished and lay his head on the floor stained with blood when he awakes, he is woken by Laurie.

Laurie speaks with him about two kinds of evil. The second is the one that is a part of us, as an infection. Corey says to Laurie, “You should give to. It’s time to give in to the sensation you experienced that first moment you gazed into Michael’s eyes.” Laurie might not exactly understand what it means, but we know. Corey admits that looking at Michael unlocks something inside his mind, and he’s about to let it go.

What remains of Corey has gone. He calls Allyson and tells her that Laurie is planning to murder him. “I am not able to take any more,” he says. “It’s time to end the relationship with Haddonfield.” Corey then takes off for the sewer and fights Michael Myers. Myers defends himself, but in a weak condition, Corey overpowers him and takes his mask.

“You’re just a guy in a Halloween mask. What’s your plan next?” As he leaves, Michael sits up, returning to Corey’s spot. He is angry with his actions. The accomplice has insulted and humiliated him. He has, through the mask, removed the factor that defines him as is. Although Myers might have awakened a dark side within Corey however, the link between them has been broken.

Corey discovers the bullies that have thrown him off the bridge earlier and entices them to follow them to the yard where he works. As they reach the yard at the yard, he cuts one of them by the eye and then rams it with a tow vehicle, and then beats another with a wrench, and the transformation becomes complete, after which Corey wears an engineer’s jacket like Michael wears the mask. He kills the bully in charge in the most horrific of ways using a blowtorch and then kicks the head of the victim.

Corey, who has been transformed into his Shape, is on a spree of killing other people who have been unfair to him, resulting in the death of his mother and the radio DJ. His final act puts him in his house of Laurie, and our final girl is waiting. She is aware that Corey is on her way when the man walks into the room; Laurie shoots him in the shoulder, sending him flying over the stairway railing and onto the floor below, exactly as the child in the care of Corey once did.

Corey remains alive, despite being severely wounded. Laurie attempts to convince Corey to confront her, but instead, he laughs out loud and declares, “If I can’t have her,” then stabs himself in the throat. Corey might have dressed to look like Michael Myers, but he’s not Michael Myers. He’s a lonely, troubled boy who isn’t content to be alone.

The loneliness extends towards Michael Myers when it turns out Laurie’s own personal Boogeyman is also living in the house. The dying Corey can grab Michael’s hand when Michael takes the mask and knives from the floor and walks to the kitchen.

Are they seeking mercy from the person who set his evil free, or is he trying to defend himself because they know that you poked into the creature and are now about to be punished? Whatever the motive, Michael breaks Corey’s neck. The link between them is cut off, and Corey’s sin is put to rest. In a few minutes, Michael’s evil will be gone too.

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