What Happened to Kwebbelkop? Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth

What happened to Kwebbelkop. He is a YouTuber with a great talent who has a massive audience because of his series, which focuses on video games and is enjoyable to play. A frequent query for his followers. Read this article to learn the story of Kwebbelkop.

Who is Kwebbelkop?

Kwebbelkop is a reference to Kwebbelkop, a Dutch YouTuber with the name “Jordi Maxim van den Bussche” who is famous for uploading games on his YouTube channel using similar names.

He joined YouTube in 2008 and began uploading videos in 2012. This is the reason that his channel has over 5 billion people watching and more than 15 million followers. We also have a secondary channel called Kwebbecolp that has thousands of subscribers.

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What happened to Kwebbelkop?

The month of February was when Aquib, Jordi, along with his friend Jelly, created Robust YouTube. Robust YouTube channel. The group used to upload races on the same channel. After Aquib had left, Jelly, Jordi, and British YouTuber Josh (Slogo) were spotted at Gamescom 2014 just a couple of days after.

Josh was then a part of the group. Josh’s participation within the group was a factor in its rapid popularity and the acceptance of PewDiePie’s Revelmode YouTube network. Crainer was finally able to take over Kwebbelkop in the year 2019. In a follow-up video, he explained why he was forced to leave Robust with a mental health issue.


He is currently in the love of AzzyLand, who is also who is a fellow YouTuber as well as a gamer. AzzyLand was born on February 23, 1991, in Canada and is known by the name of Azra Bajrami. Azzyland was born in Toronto as a child of a normal family, yet she did manage to earn a degree at Wilfrid Laurier University.

After their meeting during their first meeting at the Los Angeles E3 gaming convention, Jordi and Azzyland started dating. Due to her immense popularity, Azzyland was given an invitation to attend the convention. At the conference, she got to know Jordi, who made the same connection as her. She then proposed. Before the public was aware of their relationship, they were secretly dating. They now reside in Spain in Spain, where they create videos for their various channels.

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Net Worth

Since joining YouTube, Kwebbelkop has managed to build wealth worth $20 million by 2022. The wealth comes from his role as a YouTuber and has been supported by various brands through ads and endorsements. The numbers on his wealth are expected to fluctuate within the next few years as the YouTuber is still active in his work.

Where is He Now

Kwebbelkop is from Northeastern England, and his parents are Seen and Rigittela. He has a sister called Lauren, and when they were children, they divorced their parents and moved to live with their mother. When their father was suffering from strokes at times, the family went on for seven years without being able to see him. He was last seen in 2015 by Ord as well as Lauren in 2015, but two years later, he died.


Kwebbelkop He is 27 years old and was born on June 1 in the year 1995. In terms of the educational background of orders, there isn’t much information available since it isn’t clear which school he attended. It is, however, implied that he’s a college graduate, even though it is unclear which school he attended or the subject he studied at.


He is 5’8 inches and 179 centimeters tall. His weight is around 65 kilograms and 145 pounds. Kwebbelkop’s curly brown locks and the size of his body are the main features that make him look cute. His current weight is 66 kilograms; that’s just the ideal amount for his height.

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