What Happened To Kate Flory | Where Is Samuel Bryan Now?

A Hider in My House is a terrifying TV series that features people sharing their stories about the time they discovered someone living in their home. Although it is a terrible act to invade a private space, the show reveals the details of each case and details the life-threatening encounters that some victims had with their perpetrators.

The episode “Who Left The Seat Up?” also details how Kate Flory discovered a phrogger when she noticed a raised toilet seat. It also describes how blood and muddy footprints helped Samuel Bryan capture an intruder. Let’s dive into the details and learn more about the cases.

What happened to Kate Flory?

Kate Flory, a Pittsburg resident, shared her home with her two daughters, Kate Flory, and their two cats at the time. Her community was very fond of her, and her neighbors knew her as a generous and kind woman. People who knew her said that she was a great mother and put her children first.

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Kate noticed signs of an intruder after seeing the toilet seat raised. Because she was alone with her little girl, no male presence was in the house. This could have explained the raised toilet seat. Kate thought her mind was playing tricks and ignored the tiny clue. In the following weeks, Kate kept hearing strange sounds and seeing items in various places throughout her house. She initially saw a crumpled blanket in her basement. However, it was nightly footsteps that became a regular occurrence. Kate thought it was not enough to call the police, and she wondered if she was mistaken.

The strange events did not slow down, and Kate decided to do her best. Kate began to walk through the house, taking in every corner and every room until an unknown intruder appeared behind a door. He attempted to take control of Kate. The victim escaped his grasp and ran out of the front door. Kate’s neighbors heard her screaming and ran to her aid. A gun-wielding neighbor stood guard at her back door until the police arrived. After arriving on the scene, law enforcement officers entered Kate’s home and arrested the intruder.

He was Kate’s former tenant who had been evicted. Carrie, the intruder, was sentenced to between 18 and 36 months imprisonment for two felonies. Kate, on the other hand, was able to return to Pittsburg and has lived there ever since.

Where is Samuel Bryan now?

Samuel Bryan and his family lived in Jacksonville, Florida when an intruder entered their home. Samuel noticed something strange in the laundry room and discovered that a possible intruder was initially on his mind.

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Samuel noticed that the vacuum cleaner and the broom were not in their proper places and was shocked to find blood and muddy prints all over the washing machine. Samuel immediately called his father and began to investigate further. They discovered a hole in the ceiling leading directly into the attic. The gap was covered with wood panels, but the intruder had removed them to hide.

Samuel was anxious and scared and called the authorities immediately. They decided to investigate on their own. With their guns drawn, the police entered the house and found a 28-year-old man covered in dirt and mud. Marcus Hull, the intruder, later apologized and said that he had chosen to hide in Samuel’s home because some people wanted his blood. Detectives discovered that Marcus had pled guilty in 2012 to drug charges.

He was still arrested for breaking and entering and was charged with burglary and trespassing. He was sentenced to 30 days in prison. Samuel, on the other hand, moved on with his day, and although he preferred to keep his past private, he said he was happily married and expecting a baby.

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