What Happened to Kanan’s Mom in Power Book III?

Starz’s Power’ universe consists of four television shows: ‘Power,’ three spin-offs, and a total of four TV series. ‘Power Book II is Ghost,” Power Book III is Raising Kanan, and ‘Power Book IV is Force.’ The prequel ‘Power Book III is Raising Kanan’ revolves around Kanan Stark, one of the most infamous villains in the ‘Power’ Universe.

American actress Patina Mills portrays Kanan’s mother, Raquel Thomas, as the deuteragonist in the prequel. Raq, a brilliant, ambitious, and ruthless woman, establishes her control over the drug trade in South Jamaica.

You might be curious about her whereabouts during the ” Power ” events since she is one of the most important characters in the prequel. SPOILERS BELOW.

Where is Raq in the Timeline of Power

Raq does not appear in “Power,” but her son does mention her. Curtis Jackson plays Kanan Stark in season 2. He tells James Ghost and Thomas Tommy Egan about his visit to his mother. This may suggest that his mother is still alive at the time of the series. He is released from prison sometime later.

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It is known that Shawn, his son, was the first person he saw after being released. Furious to learning that Ghost is still alive, Kanan sets out on a hunt for Pink Sneakers. This assassin was the one he had tasked earlier to kill Ghost. Then he reaches for Dre, his lieutenant, and starts planning his next move. He soon goes to Ghost, and the reunion is complete.

In season 5, Kanan is shot and killed. A news report says that he doesn’t know anyone who is his next of kin. This sequence of events makes it possible to speculate about Raq’s whereabouts during “Power.” Kanan tells the Ghost and Tommy that he went to visit his mother. However, it is possible that Kanan is lying to conceal the fact that he was looking for the man he hired to murder Ghost.

It must be a lie, but it must contain some elements of truth. Ghost and Tommy are likely to have an intimate relationship with Kanan because of the way they know her whereabouts. Ghost and Tommy also know that he may have meant to say he visited his mother when he said he did.

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Courtney A. Kemp, the creator of “Power”, reportedly said in an interview that they began seriously considering the possibility of spin-offs around the fourth season. This could explain discrepancies between characters. This could mean that Raq dies in the second season of Season 2, or she is dead throughout the entire series.

Another possibility exists. Raq speculates that she might leave the life of a drug kingpin in a few episodes of “Raising Kanan”. She can accomplish this by the end of the series. She must have an exit plan. This could explain the news report and any potential reappearance of her character in a sequel show.8

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