What Happened to Jessica Renee Johnson? Who killed Jessica Johnson?

A mail carrier who was on her regular route found Jessica Johnson’s body. The mother of two was found lying on her back against a mailbox, with a shoelace around her neck.

Investigation Discovery’s Still a Mystery; Southern Secrets’ gives a vivid account of the horrific death and details the subsequent investigation that attempted to find a solution. Let’s look closer at the case details to find out more.

How did Jessica Johnson die?

Jessica Renee Johnson, a proud mother of 2 and very close to her family, was Jessica Renee Johnson. Her motherly duties were her passion, and her devotion to her children was a common theme. Jessica was still dating Garland Hart, her boyfriend. Jessica could not bear to part with the man she loved, even though most of her family didn’t approve of him. Jessica was in love with her life, and it was impossible for her family even to consider that she had committed suicide.

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Jessica lived with her family in Horn Lake, Mississippi. She was last seen on May 31, 2017. Her family was informed by Jessica that she was planning to go to Horn Lake, Mississippi, with her boyfriend. She also spoke to her mother on June 1 to let her know that she would be returning soon. Surprisingly Jessica disappeared from the grid just before a mail carrier discovered her body. Police were immediately notified and found Jessica lying on her knees against the mailbox. The victim was effectively hanged by her shoelaces that were tied around her neck and looped around the mailbox.

Her purse was also half-open. The police found her shoes unlaced and bloody just a few feet from her body. The coroner examined Jessica and found several marks on her hand. There was also a footprint that suggested that the victim had been beaten before she died. The police determined that she died from asphyxiation caused by ligature strangulation.

Who Killed Jessica Renee Johnson?

Surprisingly Jessica Johnson’s body was found outside her boyfriend’s home by her friend. He claimed that he wasn’t involved in the woman’s death. According to the show, the family believed Jessica had committed suicide and denied the suicide claim. They also expressed concern about Jessica’s boyfriend, saying that he had a history involving domestic violence and physical abuse.

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The police discovered that Jessica and her boyfriend were present at the house. She was also found outside. Jessica’s friend even spoke to authorities, claiming that Jessica and her boyfriend had been involved in a violent altercation the night prior. Jessica had asked her friend to pick her up, but she refused. Jessica also claimed that she had looked different from her neighbor, but her boyfriend refused to take responsibility, which led to the altercation.

According to the show, however, the boyfriend said that he was not the first person to have received a text message from Jessica in which she talked about how she had overcome the pain. The boyfriend was never taken into police custody as a person of concern. Surprisingly, Jessica’s body was not autopsied. It was also revealed that neither her footprint nor the blood on her feet were tested for leads.

Jessica was also found to have drugs in her system. Her family believes this was the reason for an inadequate investigation. Jessica’s murder remains unsolved at this time, but her family has begun their own proceedings to try and get a resolution. We hope that Jessica’s loved ones get the closure they deserve.

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