What Happened to Helena Jayne Bryant? Where is Brian O’Neill Now? Phrogging Update

Lifetime’s ‘Phrogging- Hider in My House The show tells the tales of people who aren’t assuming through their day, only to discover an unwelcome guest at their home. The episode “Close Call” features Helena Jayne Bryant recounting her encounter with a stalker who did not give up.

In the show ‘Stabbed In The Dark” Stabbed in the Dark,” Brian O’Neill talks about the terrifying sequence of things that he and his wife confronted when they returned to their home following a night out on the town. Along with their home being in chaos, The couple also faced the possibility of someone hiding in their house. If you’re interested in learning more about the situation, Here’s our information.

What Happened to Helena Jayne Bryant?

As of 2005, Helena Jayne Bryant was living in Columbus, Ohio, with her infant daughter. The single mom divided her time between caring for her daughter and working as the instructional assistant for Columbus schools. While it appeared that things were every day at first, they began to get worse in July 2006. As reported on the show, the moment Helena and her child went looking for tennis shoes. She received a call from someone who told her there was a local shop with tennis shoes for sale.

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After that, Helena began getting calls each day and at night, at the same times between 10:04 and 4 after 8:00 pm. The caller ID did not show the phone number at the time, and she didn’t be able to hear anything from either end. In frustration, Helena once blared an airhorn when she answered the call and put an end to the call. However, over the next few weeks, it seemed like someone was constantly entering her home without her consent. Helena would discover things moving around, like the mustard jar in the toilet or the coffee maker on the sofa.

When Helena did make a call to the police, she claimed they didn’t really take it seriously. A few days ago, while Helena was hanging out together with her child at the swimming pool for the community, she spotted the driver of a vehicle wearing sunglasses. The man remained for several days before she finally identified him as the guy she casually dated a few years earlier. Helena was shocked to discover that he’d been following her around and stalking her wherever she was.

So, Helena decided to leave town with her daughter and relocate to Mississippi. But the stalker was there all the way to Mississippi. At the end of the day, Helena mentioned on the show that when her daughter graduated from high school, she began making changes in her life. Helena was a truck driver for long hauls and was on the road for months. This was helpful as she could stop seeing her stalker and hearing from him.

Who is Brian O’Neill?

In July 2014, Brian was in Seattle, Washington, with his wife. They shared a home with two cats, and everything looked good. Brian and his spouse went out for dinner in the summer and returned home around 9 at night. After they had unlocked their door, they noticed that something was different. They saw that the living area was cluttered with items that were out of place, and a suitcase was pushed out of the closet and on the floor.

Although Brian’s wife believed he was the culprit, he felt the opposite side. According to the report, they saw that the window in the kitchen appeared broken, and it was apparent that the screen was damaged. But it is unlikely that anyone entered from the kitchen due to its size and accessibility. For Brian, as well as his spouse, this was just the beginning. The door to their bedroom was shut, and it immediately stood out since they always left the door open.

In the room, Brian saw that it was in a state of chaos. The space was filthy, and it appeared that somebody had rummaged through the drawers and then thrown the items out. The couple also observed that their possessions were covered in lotion. They immediately made contact with the police, who arrived around 11 pm. Authorities also thought the incident was odd. However, there was nothing they could have done, and they quit.

While the couple was cleaning up the mess, they noticed they had a pair of women’s shoes, which were not Brian’s wife’s. Also, they noticed the clumps of blonde hair that were scattered throughout the area. While trying to understand the situation, Brian heard a weird breath sound emanating from the bed. They immediately ran out of the room and shut it behind them. Brian then dialed 911 and waited outside until the police arrived.

When Brian allowed the police to enter the house, they discovered an unidentified blonde-haired lady in the home trying to get into the cupboard. The police were quick to arrest her. According to the reports, she was well-known to them. The woman had been a visitor to construction sites previously. Police said she was paranoid and believed that someone was after her. After the intruder was gone, Brian and his wife were relieved.

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Where is Brian O’Neill Today?

When Brian and his wife were cleaning, they discovered the presence of a needle and a kitchen knife hidden under the mattress. The intruder was stabbed into the mattress’s bottom. The couple eventually left the scene. However, Brian stated that he could not rest for long after the incident; he asked why she had chosen to live there and for how long she’d been there. In the end, the couple decided to stay in Seattle. The couple is still there today. Brian is still a resident of Seattle. The show said that he was employed by the company that made coffee. In his spare time, Brian enjoys traveling and is an avid film and music fan. Besides frequent trips to the movie theater, Brian loves concerts.

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