What Happened to Deebo Samuel

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel capped the first time in his NFL season by accumulating 1,000 yards in receiving yards on Sunday following a pass of 12 yards by the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo during a 34-26 win against Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota Vikings.

Samuel added two touchdowns on the rushing field to be joined by Marshall Faulk (1999) and Roger Craig (1985) as the only two players with 1,000 yards of receiving yards, five touchdowns from receiving, and five touchdowns on the rushing route in the same year.

Samuel left the game following an injury to his groin in the third period of the game. San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan informed reporters that Samuel was scheduled to undergo an MRI after the game to determine his injury’s severity.

Samuel stated after the match that there was groin was tight. However, it’s “not too much concern.”

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While his job description is”receiver,” Samuel is also an essential component of Shanahan’s running game.

“Deebo is just so unique in how he’s built,” Shanahan declared on a local radio station following the 11th week of. “He isn’t really built like a receiver. He is built more like a running back. Sometimes I compare him to a fullback when I’m just messing with him.”

After the first quarter, Samuel ran for an unconverted 20 yards from the backfield.

Samuel added 49 yards during the third quarter, his most impressive run of the game that brought San Francisco within 10 yards of the goal line. Just two hours later, Samuel took advantage of a solid block and walked along running back Elijah Mitchel’s route to scoring a touchdown on second-and-goal.

While Samuel only scored 12 yards from the four targets, Samuel ended his game on six runs to 234 yards of rushing and 66 yards of scoring touchdowns on the rushing route.

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