What Happened To Cooper Kupp

According to ESPN, the Rams Wide receiver Cooper Kupp may have suffered an ACL tear in the team’s loss against the 49ers on Sunday. The Rams are waiting for the results from the MRI in order to determine the extent of the injury as well as establish the long-term outlook for Kupp.

Suppose it’s determined that Kupp is indeed suffering from ACL tears and is expected to miss the remainder year. It would be a major blow for Jared Goff and Co. as they already lack the firepower of a receiver with the absence of Sammy Watkins in their lineup.

In addition, with Robert Woods also dealing with injuries, this could result in that there is more stress for Pharoh Cooper and Brandin Cooks as they move forward.


Rams Wide receiver Cooper Kupp may have suffered an ACL tear during the team’s win over the 49ers during the weekend, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported. The Rams are waiting on what results will come from the MRI for confirmation of the damage. However, it’s likely Kupp is likely to miss Time because of this setback.

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If it is confirmed to be a Torn ACL, this could be a huge blow to LA, who had been looking forward to having him as a player, as they have Sammy Watkins out injured and Brandin Cooks on suspension next week when they play Seattle. This news comes just a few days after his name was announced as NFC Offensive Player of the Week after catching nine passes for two touchdowns and 116 yards during the match against San Francisco last weekend (LIVE stream here).

With the talent and potential at WR on the LA roster already and a loss of this magnitude could mean trouble further down the line for Jared Goff and company.

Cooper Kupp may have suffered an ACL tear.

As per reports, Cooper Kupp may have sustained a torn ACL injury during Ram’s loss in Week 3 against the Seahawks. NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger believes this is a “major blow” for the Rams due to Kupp’s position as their No.

One receiver. Los Angeles is already dealing with numerous injuries, so losing Kupp is a huge loss in their season’s opening game with Seattle in the coming week. The team is currently waiting for their MRI report on the injury. If it confirms that he suffered ACL tears, Kupp will most likely be out for the rest of the season, and it could also require the end of his career.

Fans are fundraising through the internet to aid Kupp and his loved ones members during this time of sorrow, so do consider donating if you can.

The Rams are waiting on their results from An MRI to confirm

The Rams are waiting on their results from the MRI to confirm the fact that Kupp has fractured his fibula, as reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Kupp was injured in two-quarters of the game on Sunday in the 49ers’ game 49ers and was not able to return.

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If Kupp is out for a prolonged duration, it’ll likely mean Robert Woods will start at wide receiver for Los Angeles in Week 3 against the Seahawks. Sammy Watkins could also see more playing time should Kupp suffer a lengthy absence due to injury since he has prior experience working with Jared Goff in previous seasons with the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. There is a lot of doubt about their offense without key players like Tavon Austin as well as Todd Gurley. It remains to be seen if Los Angeles can keep up with Seattle this weekend.


There’s been plenty of discussion on social media regarding what transpired to Cooper Kupp during the Rams loss in the playoffs to the Saints. Many people believe that he was injured. Some are saying Cooper was removed from the game due to fighting.

At the moment, it’s impossible to be certain what happened. However, we will keep updating our readers as new details become available.

Kupp Tore His Left ACL

Cooper Kupp tore his left ACL on December 10 and was unable to play the remaining six matches of his season. This injury could bring an end to his hopes of being a draft selection next year.

Kupp Missed The Final 6 Games Of The Season

Kupp was a bit sluggish in practice throughout the entire season; however, it’s still unclear the reason he did not play in the previous six games. He could have suffered an injury earlier in the season, or perhaps he didn’t wish to risk injury by playing in the midst of it.


Cooper Kupp is a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams and has been absent due to an injury since Week 5. The fans are asking whether he’ll be able to return and play in the future, but no one is certain.

Cooper Kupp is still playing football.

At present, Cooper Kupp is still engaged and playing football. Cooper was born on November 23, 1993, which means Cooper is currently 23. He is currently playing in the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, and the team was able to win the Super Bowl last year. At present the moment, he’s still active with the team.

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