What Happened to Bishop On NCIS

Characters are reintroduced and gone from NCIS all the Time. Eleanor Bishop was one of the most recent departures. How did she go about it, and is she likely to come back?

We’ve seen a lot of NCIS characters go away through the decades. In the finale of Season 18, we were sad to say goodbye to Eleanor Bishop, played by Emily Wickersham. The departure was shocking to many, but it was later confirmed that it would last for a long time.

Eleanor Bishop was disgraced on NCIS.

In Season 18, in the Season 18 finale, Bishop was accused of leaks of NSA documents. In the beginning, she attempted to disprove her innocence. Everyone else did. This was until Bishop instructed everyone to stop.

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She was the one who had done it. There was no reason for Gibbs, McGee, and Torres to try and keep her from being dismissed from NCIS. That was her fate. She was going to leave the agency as an unpopular agent.

It turned out that it was all kind of trick. Torres had figured everything out. He was aware of Bishop sufficiently to know that she would never have released the contents of any NSA document. This wasn’t her way.

The reality was that she was required to leave the team because she was a dishonorable agent. This allowed her to be undercover with Odette, whom Bishop was connected to during both seasons 17 and 18 of the show. Odette was connected to Ziva and had assisted Ziva in pretending to be dead and later located the person who planned to murder her. Odette had a goal for Ellie and coached Ellie to become an effective agent in the undercover investigation.

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