Was Nate Molested by His Father (Cal Jacobs) in Euphoria?

‘ Euphoria’ explores various sensitive topics, including self-identity, addiction, abuse and trauma, love, relationships, and more. Through the eyes of a range of interesting characters. Two of the characters that are most flawed are the son and father, Cal And Nate Jacobs. As the story develops, viewers are given a clear feeling of the couple’s complicated relationship and Nate’s bitterness toward his father.

The second season’s penultimate episode gives a fresh perspective to the pair’s deep and troubled relationship by suggesting that Nate was sexually assaulted by his father at an early age. Let’s look into the issue and determine whether the assertion is true! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Was Nate Molested by His Father?

Nate Jacobs is among the characters most hated in “Euphoria. The amount of disdain that fans have for Nate is only surpassed by the level of disdain for his father, Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane). It turns out that both characters have tragic histories behind them. While they don’t justify their actions, they allow viewers to feel empathy for Nate and Cal. At the beginning of the series, viewers discover that Cal is an intimate bisexual man who is known to engage in sexual liaisons with girls under the age of males, boys, and girls. He also captures his sexual interactions and keeps the discs in a drawer in his study.

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In the second season, we discover the reasons why Cal’s issues with his sexuality stem from having to begin an entire family without having resolved his feelings towards his closest buddy, Derek. But, his behavior has left a negative impression on Nate and his father, as well as the fact that the father and son are not getting together. In the 7th episode of Season 2, Nate experiences an image of his father, who is preparing to have a sex session with a girl only to be in the girl’s position. Nate wakes from the nightmare with anxiety and fears that being the object of his own father’s sexual fantasies scares Nate. As bizarre and insane as the concept may seem, it hints at the existence of a much darker childhood trauma for Nate, which viewers may not have realized. Many viewers have taken the footage as a hint to Cal sexually abusing and molesting Nate as a young child.

In the initial season, viewers are informed that Cal has a problem with Nate in both ways. Cal promotes his dream of becoming a top footballer to Nate in the process, which is why Nate is prone to anger issues. After a poor performance, viewers can see Cal beating and insulting Nate. Cal’s words make Nate hurt himself repeatedly by hitting his head against the floor. Initially, the incident appeared to suggest that Nate was angry with his father for scolding him. Nate’s dream sequence added another layer to his anxiety and anger. The show is yet to establish whether Cal sexually played with Nate.

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The signs are present, but the lack of evidence that is solid suggests that Cal was not the one to molest Nate. Similar to Episode 4 of Season 2, Cal suffers a mental breakdown and scolds his family. He expresses shock over Nate’s mood and his erratic behavior. If Cal had molested or raped Nate at an early age and he was a child, he ought to feel some guilt for Nate’s situation. In the end, Cal does contemplate the consequences of his sexuality on his children. So, we don’t think that Cal has molested Nate. Their dream of Nate could reflect his father’s complicated struggle with their sexuality.

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