Was Donatella Colasanti a Real Rape Victim | How Did She Die?

The film is set in Rome, Italy. Netflix’s crime movie “The Catholic School’ centers around the students at St. Luigi High School, known as a top Catholic institution located in Rome, the Italian capital city. Angelo Izzo and Gianni Guido, students at the school, get to know Donatella Colasanti via one of their fellow students.

They become close to Donatella, inviting her into the villa belonging to a friend. What begins as a peaceful evening turns into a bloody massacre as Donatella is raped and beaten in the presence of Angelo, Gianni, and their friend Andrea Ghira. Since this Italian movie portrays the heartbreaking suffering Donatella is forced to endure, viewers may be curious to know if a real victim of rape inspires her. We’ll give you the information!

Was Donatella Colasanti a Real Rape Victim?

Donatella Colasanti is a real victim of rape. In 1975 Donatella was just 17 living in Montagnola. Before getting to know Angelo and Gianni, Donatella and her friend were offered a ride by one of the boys. He was the one who gave them lifts. Angelo, as well as Gianni, then were introduced to Donatella along with their friend Rosaria Lopez. The two boys suggested an excursion to Lavinio. It was a drive through San Felice Circeo under the assumption that they were going to the home of a mutual friend, but it was actually the house that Andrea Ghira’s parents owned. After arriving at the house, Gianni reportedly took out guns to terrorize both girls.

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Then, Andrea joined Angelo and Gianni, and the three boys raped and brutally tortured Donatella along with Rosaria for over 35 hours. They were also locked up in the bathroom in a bare state, without water or food. The trio then murders Rosaria by beating her and then drowning her in a tub.

They also attempted to murder Donatella by strangling her using the belt. Donatella appeared dead but only to have the murderers cover her and Rosaria in plastic and then put them inside Gianni’s father’s automobile. The three murderers drove to Rome, and when they got gone, Donatella made sounds by hitting the car’s trunk, but for a night watchman to hear the identical. Then she was removed from the car, and the three murderers were rescued.

How Did Donatella Colasanti Die?

Donatella Colasanti was killed in December 2005, aged 47. She was being treated for metastatic breast cancer. This is the highest stage of breast cancer. She was undergoing treatment at Regina Elena National Cancer Institute in Rome for two weeks before passing away due to a cardiac arrest. While she was on chemotherapy to treat cancer that was spreading to other areas within her body, Donatella ended up dying from the exact. Her final words were “battiamoci per la verity? 1/2,” which refers to “let’s fight for the truth.”

After escaping after being rescued from Angelo, Gianni, and Andrea, Donatella fought for her female friends. She was a key player in accepting rape as a crime against an individual’s freedom and not against the morality of the public in Italy, which opened the door to amending the law governing the same. She also was vocal about and against the release of Angelo, which led to the murder of Maria Carmela Linciano and her daughter Valentina Maiorano in 2005.

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Within Italy, Donatella is still loved and revered. Her home in Sezze, located within the Province of Latina, is currently an anti-violence center, which was created to prevent and fight any type of violence based on gender in her memory. Donatella’s dad Roberto Colasanti remembers her as an individual who had “important results for the country” through fighting for justice and rights for women.

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