Victoria Pedretti Hottest Scenes in You Season 2

The story of the first season of You is told through the eyes of its psychotic killer. Season 2 follows a similar pattern, but it is more disturbing when Love Quinn is involved. After the events of season one, Joe Goldberg struggles to distinguish between obsession and romance. Although he can avoid his aggressive stalking and ruthless killings, Joe has bigger problems this season. Will he be able to escape the demons from his past?

You already know the answer if you have seen the second season. You might watch the second season first before reading any further. We’ve compiled a list of Victoria Pedretti’s hottest scenes from Season 2 because she plays Love Quinn, the female protagonist. Continue reading!

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Victoria Pedretti Hottest Scenes in You Season 2

Season 2, Episode 3

We are drawn to both wicked and immoral characters for some reason as viewers. Joe can fulfil almost all romantic tropes by the end of season 1. But, he soon reveals his true psychopathic tendencies and shatters everything you thought you knew about him. Joe is confronted by his ex-girlfriend, Candace believes she’s dead. He then moves to LA, where he takes on a new identity. He tries his best to avoid getting into trouble again, but he soon falls for another girl and begins stalking her, making her his next “victim.”

Love Quinn becomes his obsession, and he does all he can to be with her. Soon, Love begins to reciprocate all of this. Joe realizes this could lead to trouble again and decides to keep it simple with Love. He fantasizes about her but can’t help but think of her. He takes a step back every time she attempts to reach him. Episode 3 is when Joe and Joe finally cave. Joe feels that Joe is different from any other girl he’s ever dated. They finally have their first sex.

This scene is not as provocative, and it doesn’t last as long as those in season 1. It is the beginning of Love’s relationship with Joe. This relationship eventually leads to a lot more trouble.

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Season 2, Episode 4

Like all the girls he has had in his past relationships, Joe now starts to imagine Love. He even learns how to live with her annoying twin brother, who depends on her for everything. Episode 4 opens with another sex scene, in which Joe and Love begin to have sex as soon as they get up in the morning. Love’s brother Forty calls her. The scene that follows is one of a kind, with Love and Forty having a little sex while Love talks to her brother. He asks her why she is so tired at such a young age. She simply answers that she’s on the elliptical. Then she hangs up, and they have sex again.

Even though ‘You’ started as a Lifetime program, there are still plenty of sex scenes. The story is heavily influenced by the sexual aspects of all characters, even when the source material is considered. However, comparing it to other adult shows, we find that there is not much controversy or boundary-pushing about nudity and sex in “You”. It refrains from showing its full frontal nudity during any scene.

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