Best Vampire Movies On Amazon Prime

The audience never gets bored of watching films about vampires, There have been a lot of famous vampire films over the decades. Amazon Prime currently has a handful of movies worth watching.

The vampire sub-genre has existed for a while since around the 1920s, to be precise, and since then, a myriad of films have been released. Each director has released his personal version and their own tale of the bloodsuckers, and over the years, several classics have been released that have left their mark. Every decade has new stories of the place Dracula began and the people the terror he unleashed targeted towards. It isn’t important how the time has passed since a horror film was created, but they’re terrifying today.

However, streaming services have gotten used to the idea that lovers love watching and re-watching films featuring classic vampires. As of late, Amazon Prime Video has some classics and modern vampire films that are worth watching.

10. Therapy For A Vampire

Therapy For A Vampire is a horror comedy focusing on Graf Geza of Kozsnom (Tobias Moretti) in 1932 Vienna. Kozsnom seeks out the doctor. Sigmund Freud (Karl Fischer) discusses a problem that is troubling him. He’s haunted and enraged by a love interest and is tired of his marriage.

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In complete ignorance of the fact that Kozsnom has a connection to a vampire, Freud suggests that he meet with a painter named Viktor (Dominic Oley). As he meets Viktor, Kozsnom also takes an interest in her wife Lucy (Cornelia Ivan can). This is a larger issue.

9. Rufus: 6.3

Rufus is a Canadian horror film that was directed by Dave Schultz and stars Rory Saper. Saper is the lead character Rufus, an innocent and shy man stranded in the Saskatchewan town, only to be revealed as a vampire.

Rufus is accepted by the town’s sheriff as well as his wife in order to learn more about him as well as the old lady he was with. Since a vampire hunter is seen, this small town gets a bit complicated. Rufus is an original method of making the genre of vampire films and is more of a story rather than a gorefest.

8. Stake Land: 6.5

Stake Land centers on a period when the country has fallen apart and is in a political and economic disaster state. The result is that an epidemic has swept over and is out for blood.

A teenager known as Martin (Connor Paolo) is one of the few survivors of the population who aren’t affected. Martin is paired with Mister (Nick Damici), a hard-core vampire hunter trying to take Martin to Canada, where he believes security can be found. This film has great acting, a compelling plot and is directed efficiently to keep the viewers entertained and entertained.

7. Twins Of Evil: 6.6

Twins of Evil came out in 1972 and was produced by John Hough. The film was quite innovative in its day for its sexual content, but nonetheless, it’s one of the most terrifying vampire films. It is set in the middle of Europe in the 18th century. Teenagers twins, females known as Maria (Mary Collinson) as well as Frieda Gellhorn (Madeleine Collinson) are orphans who go to stay in the home of their father Gustav (Peter Cushing).

Gustav is the head of a fraternity that fights vampirism. His main focus will be the vampire Count Karnstein (Damien Thomas). The twins’ sister, Freida, is drawn to Karnstien, putting an end to the process. From beginning to end, the film is timeless and has an eerie gothic vibe that is beautifully depicted in the 1970s film industry.

6. The House That Dripped Blood: 6.6

Anthology films have become extremely well-known, and with the number of horror films released today, some deserve their own spin-offs. In the case of the 1971 British film The House That Dripped Blood, The anthology theme is the perfect way to present the film, which is comprised of four stories that are full of suspense, mystery, and night creatures.

The tales revolve around a writer who gets mentally sick and a man who is obsessed with a wax figure and a girl, witchcraft. And the best part is an actor with an ego that gets himself a cloak that has vampiric abilities.

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5. Night Of The Devils: 6.6

The 1970s were a great time to watch great vampire films as well. Night of the Devils is certainly one of the best. Based loosely on the work of Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy’s novel The Family of the Vourdalak, The story centers around an ancestor of a wealthy family. They are worried about the day he’ll turn into a vampire.

The man is sure he’ll one day return to his family and ask to enter, and so long as they don’t answer yes, he can protect his family from harm.

4. The Monster Squad: 7.1

Count Dracula (Duncan Regehr) believes that he can be the king of the world. To accomplish this, he must have other legendary monsters with him. It includes a mummy werewolf and even an animal that comes from an underwater lagoon. While the idea seems to be working, several outcasts have realized the plot of Dracula and are determined to put the plan on hold when they still have time.

The Monster Squad is an enjoyable little film; the characters alone will excite fond memories for old classics. In addition, the fun twist on the sinister and devious vampire plot is refreshing. Monster Squad Monster Squad is a great family-friendly film to watch on Halloween, but it’s enjoyable anytime.

3.Nosferatu The Vampyre: 7.5

Nosferatu: The Vampyre is a stylized version that is a stylistic remake of The Nosferatu and centers around the character Jonathan Harker (Bruno Ganz), who is assigned to visit Dracula’s (Klaus Kinski) castle due to his interest in purchasing a house located in Wismar, Germany. Dracula has a very dangerous reputation, and while the locals urge Harker to stay clear, he isn’t listening.

Dracula is willing to purchase the home after seeing the picture of Harker’s wife, Lucy (Isabelle Adjani). With that purchase, he unleashes a famine of destruction and death to Wismar. Dracula is paid his fair share in the end, as does Dr. Van Helsing (Walter Ladengast) appears to (kind of) bring the house back to life, and what more could a horror film lover want?

2. Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse: 7.7

While the actual story was not made in 2009 however, the Gothic TV masterpiece Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse was made into a film of the most memorable episodes. The plot revolves around the love triangle of Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) as well as his lover of the moment and a jealous lover who turns out to be a witch. She transforms Collins into a beast of night so that he can be immortal.

Since this show was extremely popular in the 1960s and the 1970s, it appears to be a given to turn it into a film. Additionally, Barnabas is a cultural icon and was later performed as Johnny Depp in the 2012 film Dark Shadows. Are you curious about the place where this one of the most iconic vampires was derived? Take a look at the 2009 edition of Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse.

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1. Nosferatu: 7.9

Nosferatu is, without a doubt, among the greatest vampire films in cinema history. The film was released in 1922. It’s the first film to be documented as a vampire and a silent movie. Similar to Nosferatu’s The Vampyre, its storyline is similar but much more interesting. It is inspired by the classic novel Dracula, which is based on the mysterious Graf Orlok, a vampire who accepts to buy a house by a real estate broker called Thomas Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim). After meeting the wife of Hutter, Ellen (Greta Schroder), He is immediately in love with her.

Hutter is plagued by bizarre dreams and visions while trapped in the castle of Orlok as Orlok is planning to have a night out with Ellen. Although Nosferatu does not contain a drop of blood in the movie, it’s an incredible film that is a bit disturbing but fascinating.

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