9 Best Train Movies On Netflix

This phrase from Billy Crystal in Danny DeVito’s hilarious “Throw Momma From the Train” may be slightly over-the-top; however, if you think about it, plenty of stories use trains as the central element. Given that I’ve spent a lot of the summer running a dinner train that runs through Montana’s middle Montana (shameless ridiculous plug), I began brainstorming ideas.

Naturally, when films and trains cross paths, it’s impossible to overlook the influence of Alfred Hitchcock, which is why he’s well-represented in this list. The list spans decades and includes films with diverse twists and twists (or Jolts and jerks in the case of). There’s romance, there’s suspense, there’s murder, and there are even Korean zombies. Check out this collection of modern and classic train movies.

The Lady Vanishes (1938)

The incredibly silly old Hitchcock film is a wonderful illustration of how the legendary director humanizes horror. Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood) is headed to England to marry. She can enjoy a relaxing encounter with a mature English woman named Miss Froy (May Whitty). After being struck on the head by an overturned flower pot and bitten by a falling flower, Miss Froy assists Iris in sitting down and staying with her for a few minutes.

When Iris awakes from her nap and wakes up, Miss Froy disappears; strangely, nobody remembers ever seeing her. When Iris starts her search to unravel and solve the mystery, she’s assisted by Gilbert (Michael Redgrave), who is simultaneously charming and annoying. Also, he’s hilarious. one of the reasons why this film succeeds in blending mystery with humor.

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Strangers in Train (1951)

In the modern world, “Strangers On a Train” is a fantastic advertising tool to explain why to keep your AirPods inside when taking public transport.

A well-known tennis tournament professional, Guy Haines (Farley Granger), meets up with Bruno Antony (Robert Walker, with a creepy sexiness reminiscent of the early Kevin Spacey) on a train heading to Southampton. From the beginning, it’s evident that something isn’t right with Bruno; however, Guy can entertain him, though uncontrollably. The interaction, however, is anything but normal and certainly not innocent. Be careful about what you say about yourself.

This Oscar-nominated film noir is one of Hitchcock’s greatest films and has been copied and praised for a long time. The film also stars Hitchcock’s daughter Patricia as Barbara, and she delivers one of the most memorable phrases: “I still think it’d be great having a person who loves you to the point of death to save you.”

Toss Momma Off the Train (1987)

Danny DeVito stars and directs this hilarious comedy about writing, a haphazard friendship, and a miscommunication with epic proportions. Billy Crystal has the lead role as Larry Owen, Owen’s cynical divorced writing instructor, whose ex-wife is achieving huge success with a book that he says she took from him. DeVito portrays Owen, a writer in training living with his mom (an amusingly frightening Anne Ramsey).

“She’s not an actual woman,” Owen tells Larry. “She’s an ax.”

After Larry suggests that Owen watches Hitchcock’s famous “Strangers on a Train,” the craziness (and laughter) occurs. The film allows you to empathize with writers. Their job is much more hazardous than many people realize.

Busan Train Busan (2016)

It’s a good start.

People on commuter trains have been watching the news. Despite the drama being shown, they aren’t worried. “People today will be rioting over everything,” one passenger says. “In the past, they’d be educated.” Officials advise viewers on television to “stay at peace and trust our government while we cooperate in tackling the current situation.”

However, this isn’t an ordinary situation. There’s no riot going on or a frenzied protest, and it’s certainly not another kind of coronavirus. On their journey to Busan, South Korean passengers face something much more dangerous: the zombie Apocalypse.

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Produced by Sangho Yeon, this original adaptation of the genre explores the relationship between a divorced father who is absent and his daughter. Father, Seok-Woo (Gong Yoo), is not present for his daughter, Soo-An (Kim Soo-Ahn), at a crucial moment during her personal life. The film also has an ethical message: If you’re likely to be a victim of fate, ensure you do it with integrity intact.

Snowpiercer (2013)

“Captain America” Chris Evans leads in this sci-fi action thriller based on Jacques Lob’s French graphic novels. Written and directed for the screen by Bong Joon Ho (“Parasite”), “Snowpiercer” is set around 2031, on The Rattling Ark, which is the longest luxurious Train that is the same dramatic social divide as we do today.

Why do the last remnants of Earth’s population reside on the Train? This is the result of an upcoming Ice Age brought on by the dispersal of CW-7, a failed effort at halting global warming. “The world was frozen. All life was gone.” This idea is more accurate today than the time when Lob’s graphic novels were released in the 1970s.

“Snowpiercer” is an enthralling film depicting how capitalism can make social classes less human and how sometimes, revolution is the only option for growth. Scene stealer Tilda Swinton John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, Song Kang-ho, and Ed Harris co-star.

Invincible (2010)

“Unstoppable” can be described as a good-feeling action thriller that is high-stakes and thrilling. Tony Scott action thriller featuring another awesome under-pressure Denzel Washington appearance. In the film, Denzel plays Frank Barnes, an engineer from the railroad who has 28 years in the field struggling to make ends meet with no stakes to be lost. Chris Pine co-stars as Will Colson, who is facing an uneasy day on the job with an engineer with the same stature as Frank. Both characters have their own dramas that are going on; however, they must let it go and come up with an effective solution to stop a rogue train that is carrying dangerous material.

It’s a bit bizarre. It may seem bizarre, but “Unstoppable” was actually inspired by real-life events in the context of a CSX train traveling in Ohio in 2001. Denzel is also in his five and final film with Scott, who passed away in the month of August in 2012. Rosario Dawson and Ethan Suplee co-star in the film.

“The Girl in the Train (2011)

Based on the novel by Paula Hawkins, Tate Taylor (“The Help,” “Get On Up”) directs this tense, sexy, dark thriller that stars Emily Blunt as Rachel, the lonely, drunk woman who is unable to reconcile with her husband who is not faithful to her Tom (a phenomenal Justin Theroux). She is on the commuter train, cruising by her old neighborhood and imagining the neighbors who seem to have everything she’s always desired.

The film serves as an alarm about the risks and ripple effects that come with infidelity. It does it by keeping the viewer guessing. As Rachel states in the text, “There’s nothing so painful or as destructive as the feeling of suspicion.” Luke Evans and Haley Bennett co-star as Scott and Megan, Two unsettling and flawed characters who are which are nothing like Rachel had imagined.

Transsiberian (2008)

Brad Anderson (“The Machinist,” “Beirut”) directs the film, which co-stars Ben Kingsley and is considered a “very delightful, extremely colorful, and delightful ride.” American couple Jessie and Roy (Emily Mortimer and Woody Harrelson) take an adventure trip from Beijing to Moscow via the Trans-Siberian railway. There, they meet Carlos (Eduardo Noriega) and his young love (Kate Mara). Carlos is aware of Jessie’s rebellious and wild past and can be easily angered.

What began as seduction soon turned into an even more deadly game. Soon Jessie finds herself in over her head. Russian Investigators (enter Kingsley) are on the lookout for Carlos; however, do they have the credibility to be trusted? How can Jessie make it out of this chaos? Can her marriage be saved?

Source Code (2011)

David Bowie’s child Duncan Jones (“Moon”) directs this non-stop “Groundhog Day”-like time-loop film in which Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is assigned a remarkably difficult job to complete. With technology that he cannot even think about, Stevens steps into the body of a Chicago commuter train for eight minutes each time in the hope of preventing the explosion that kills everyone aboard. Every eight-minute time period gets him closer to the suspect.

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There are many questions to be answered here. What is the reason Stevens was involved in this research? Where is Stevens? What’s the reason he’s not able to escape? What are the answers that will be disclosed if he’s able to finish the task? It could be an overwhelming experience. However, it’s well worth it. Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga co-star.

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