To Your Eternity Where To Watch?

Yoshitoki Aima is the creator of the highly acclaimed A SILENT VoiceTo Your Eternity was first published in manga form in 2016. It has since been transformed into anime for the spring 2021 season.

The story centers on an immortal being that was brought to Earth by an orb to learn about human beings. Gradually, Fushi learns more about being human by meeting different people.

To your Eternity is an emotional and meaningful series that tells touching stories about people from different walks.

Given that it’s still a new series, this guide will cover everything you need to know about To Your Eternity Where To Watch and where to get the anime and manga.

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Where to Read the To Your Eternity Manu

Fushi’s story comes from the manga as he learns about humanity while traveling around. It first appeared in Issue #50 in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. In 2016, it was expanded into a printed volume. To Your Eternity, unlike other manga, is currently unavailable on Viz Shonen Jump. However, premium subscribers can access it on Crunchyroll. You can find all the previous publications, and they are adding Simuldub chapters to Crunchyroll as they are published in Japan.

If you prefer printed copies, the published volumes are available in major online bookstores and physical stores. Both versions contain the full story of Fushi and his adventures, while the manga provides the original content with no changes to the art style. Although the anime is complex and emotional, the manga maybe even more so than the source material.

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To Your Eternity Where To Watch

Masahiko Murata directed the To Your Eternity animation adaptation. Brain’s Base produced it. It was originally scheduled to debut in October 2020. However, it was delayed until April 2021. The anime will be aired in the spring season lineup. It is a popular anime among newer ones, especially simulcasts.

Although some critics say it lacks the emotional resonance of the creator’s original work, The Silent Voice, it has still been very popular among viewers. At the time of writing, only Crunchyroll owns the streaming rights in Asia. Premium subscribers cannot legally view Your Eternity.

The first season aired only 20 episodes. Oima is yet to decide if they will continue To your Eternity or if this will be a one-off as much other great manga/anime. The physical Blu-ray/DVD copies will likely be available through Amazon and Crunchyroll once the season ends.

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