The Serpent Queen Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained

The period drama of Starz’s The Serpent Queen follows the life of the notorious Catherine de Medici, who earned the reputation of being so disgusting that the title”serpent” was a reference to her “serpent” was attributed to her. Her turbulent reign is the basis for the series that also explores her childhood.

Back as an infant and was learning about politics and love and how to use these in her favor. Although Catherine is smart and brave enough to withstand anything thrown her way, there are plenty of lessons to be learned, including the most important one she will learn when she is married. What does the first episode’s story have to do with Catherine’s future? Let’s discover. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Serpent Queen Episode 1 Recap

It’s 1560 it is 1560, and Catherine de Medici is preparing to crown her son second, Charles IX, as the King of France. Between the two, she’s searching for a woman to help her throughout the preparations and finds a suitable potential candidate with Rahima. A discussion about what she would and should not do causes Catherine to tell her personal life story to Rahima and ask the woman what she’d do in her position.

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A flashback takes us back to 1536 when a 17-year-old Catherine, orphaned at a very young age, lives in the convent. Catherine has already begun to display her sharp wit and ability to be quick to think. It will prove valuable for her at the courts of France as that’s where she’s being sent by her uncle and Pope Clement VII, who has set up Catherine’s wedding. While it may seem like it is the beginning of something positive to her, it quickly appears that happiness isn’t in her grasp at the moment.

The Serpent Queen Episode 1 Ending: What Does Henry and Diane’s Affair Mean for Catherine?

Catherine was never a part of a group and knew she was. After losing her parents amid a week after her birth, Catherine is brought up in a home that lacks affection and love even though it was able to keep her alive for the entire time. After a while, she’s found by her uncle.

However, the timing of her discovery convinces her that he would not be searching for her in the first place if he didn’t want to make a connection with France. He was left with no choice other than to wed Catherine and Henry. If there was a more attractive choice in the store, he would probably not have searched for Catherine elsewhere.

Thus, it is with the realization that she is lonely and unloved and unloved that Catherine comes to France to marry Henry, who she falls at first glance. At least she thinks she won’t be left alone. She also has the opportunity to meet Diane, who isn’t just her cousin but is to be genuinely committed to making Catherine’s life easier at their new house. Diane is the one Catherine is confident in, and, with two people who she can count on, she is more secure in her circumstances. This is until she realizes that the two are involved in an illicit affair.

It was evident to Catherine at the very beginning of the conversation that Henry was in a close relationship with Diane and also appeared to be extremely loved by Henry. The reality that Diane was nearly Henry’s age was what gave Catherine an impression that the relationship between them was more like the relationship between a mother and son.

However, in the end, it is revealed that Diane is using her status as a widower to pursue her affair with Henry. This is a good thing since Henry is an aspiring young man who is in a position of authority that she can use to serve her own ends. The only obstacle that could have impeded her progress would have been the result of Henry’s wife. However, Diane is ecstatic to know that it’s Catherine who he plans to marry.

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If his wife had been an official princess or someone with an heirloom royal lineage and greater social standing and someone who was more attractive than Diane, she would be the cause of trouble for Diane. This kind of woman could have earned respect at court, giving Henry room to become enthralled with her and leave Diane to her own devices.

Catherine On, however, isn’t so gorgeous that she could take Diane’s thunder. Her Italian origins have caused her to be a non-popular character in the court. The fact that she’s an unemployed girl who was taken in as an offer to the Pope makes it clear that her existence isn’t very significant. No one pays attention to Catherine, including Henry.

For Catherine, the situation is another obstacle in her way. There is nothing easy for Catherine, and this is yet another obstacle she’ll need to tackle. This also means she’ll have to do twice as much as she has to since not only does she have to impress Henry and her fellows, but she will also have to eliminate Diane from her position of power. Diane’s presence within Henry’s life implies that he’ll remain attracted to her and that Catherine will never achieve the ferocious bliss she wanted.

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