The Patient Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

This third installment of FX in Hulu’s crime drama “The Patient” will follow Alan Strauss’ attempts to overcome Sam Fortner’s desire to kill others and possibly even his own. Alan is introduced to Candace Fortner, Sam’s mother, and demands that she open his chain to save Sam.

Candace isn’t keen to make her son police and avoids aiding Alan because she is afraid that authorities could contact him if he’s freed from her child’s hands. Alan gains progress during therapy sessions and can delve into the patient’s early years. The gripping episode, called “Issues,” ends with a remarkable change. Let us be your friend if you want to learn more about the subject! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Patient Episode 3 Recap

“Issues” begins the story with Alan meeting Candace, and she introduces herself as Sam’s mom and a huge fan of the books the therapist wrote. Alan demands that she open him up and contact authorities to “save” Sam, but the woman cannot betray her son. Candace is also asking the therapist if he is aware of everything about Sam’s breakup with the woman he married, Mary. When Sam returns to his home after his job, Alan lets him know that he’s had a meeting with his mother. He proposes holding a joint therapy session with Sam and Candace. While Sam claims that her mother’s not his issue, Alan insists that he can conduct the session.

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Alan examines the childhood of Sam and his abusive father during the discussion. Alan reminds the serial killer of the importance of his mother to him and how he can ensure her safety by ending the killing rampage. Alan wishes Sam to consider her mother and the hurt she suffers whenever he takes the life of another human being. Alan always thinks of his deceased wife Beth Strauss, particularly the song she performed on the anniversary of the wedding ceremony for their daughter Ezra Strauss’ marriage, even despite the rabbi’s warning that women should not sing at such Jewish events. Alan also recalls the day she passed away in their presence.

The Patient Episode 3 Ending: Whom Does Sam Bring to His House? Why Does Sam Abduct Him?

On a specific night, Alan wakes up hearing Sam carrying an untied man in the basement to be locked in a room adjacent to it. The serial killer does not provide any reason for the crime to Alan, who is watching the identical. The suspect could possibly be his father, the restaurant’s manager AKA”the “restaurant guy” Sam badly would like to murder. Before abducting him, Sam was at the same restaurant to purchase food. It is at this point that the serial killer’s “compulsion to kill” returns to him, but he can fight back by limiting his homicidal inclinations to the mere idea of killing the person in his mind.

After revealing the same impulses to Alan during the course of dinner, Sam informs Alan that it was possible to stop himself from murdering this man “because of” the therapist. Sam may have believed that Alan holds a grip on his client’s psyche to stop murderous desires. He may believe that, as long as Alan controls his actions, he’ll never be an alleged murderer again. Sam’s words show his suspicion that the individual he takes into his basement might be the guy from the restaurant, and he might have taken the man not to kill him.

Sam’s confidence in Alan could have led him to kidnap the waiter to keep him within the psychotherapist’s company. He likely believes the therapist will be unable to kill someone if Alan is able to see and influence him, or Alan can stop him from carrying out a murder that he regrets in the future. Because Sam’s murderous urges aren’t gone away, his life is bound to hang by an inch if he’s at liberty. If a criminal is worried, the sole way to prevent him from killing the victim is to lock him up in a location where his homicidal impulses are minimal, as it is located in the basement of Alan’s watch.

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Sam’s return to the potential victim’s restaurant to purchase food demonstrates how he enjoys using his food purchases to prove himself and test his inclination to murder. Involving the same person in a murder could be a second test to determine the extent of his capacity to control his impulses and Alan’s influence. If Sam can mentally plan to kill the waiter despite Alan’s presence, influence and words, he might be tempted to believe the therapist isn’t able to assist him. Alan and the restaurant man’s life could be at risk if this occurs.

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