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The Greatest Showman Cast The Greatest Showman was in 2017. American musical-drama film that Michael Gracey directed. Many people aren’t familiar with the Greatest Showman Cast and are searching for the crew and cast. Learn more about the Greatest Showman Cast in the following article, which contains all the details.

The Greatest Showman

Michael Gracey directed the all-new world of fun, music, and dancing when the film debuted in theatres in 2017. The film’s exciting music, captivating visuals and more, it was an amazing experience for film and music fans alike. However, while this stunning musical has many amazing aspects, its cast has helped make the film shine.

Are you eager to find out who the Greatest Showman Cast is? Read on for more information listed below. In the following table, we’ve included the information regarding the search you are doing for The Greatest Showman Cast. The table includes their characters’ names. Then, you can find more information on The Greatest Showman below information.

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This is the Greatest Showman Cast Liste

Find the details about The Greatest Showman Cast in the information included below in the table and the character’s name.

The Cast Name Character Name

Hugh Jackman P. T. Barnum

Zac Efron Phillip Carlyle

Michelle Williams Charity Hallett-Barnum

Rebecca Ferguson Jenny Lind

Zendaya Anne Wheeler

Keala Settle Lettie Lutz

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II W. D. Wheeler

Natasha Liu Bordizzo Deng Yan

Paul Sparks, James Gordon Bennett

Sam Humphrey Charles Stratton

Fredric Lehne Benjamin Hallett

Gayle Rankin Queen Victoria

Eric Anderson Mr O’Malley

Byron Jennings Mr Carlyle

Betsy Aidem Mrs Carlyle

Damian Young Mr Winthrop

Tina Benko Winthrop

Will Swenson Philo Barnum

Radu Spinghel O’Clancy

Luciano Acuna Jr Dog Boy

Caoife Coleman Mishay Petronelli

Danial Son, and Yusaku Komori Chang as well as Eng Bunker

Daniel Everidge, Lord of Leeds

Shannon Holtzapffel Captain Constentenous

The Greatest Showman Plot

As a youngster, P. T. Barnum and Philo are employed by The Hallett family. Barnum is in love with Hallett’s child, Charity. They’ve got married and have two daughters named Caroline and Helen, who reside in New York City. He loses his job as a shipping clerk because the company becomes bankrupt. He is then granted a loan using his ex-company’s ships that were lost and inaugurates Barnum’s American Museum in downtown Manhattan which houses a variety of wax figures. The museum is able to draw more visitors as well as protests and negative reviews from a well-known reviewer James Gordon Bennett.

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When he gets home, he discovers the circus on fire was caused by a fight between protesters and the group. He finds out that the perpetrators were caught and Lind has pulled out of her tour following Barnum’s scandal. The mansion he lives in is being foreclosed on, and Charity can take two of the children to their parent’s house.

A recovering Phillip is willing to share the earnings to assist Barnum in restoring the circus and become a full participant, and this is something that Barnum happily accepts. The newly renovated circus is hugely successful, and Phillip takes Barnum’s place as ringmaster so that Barnum is able to enjoy more family time. Barnum quits the circus early and rides on an elephant to go to Caroline and Helen’s ballet performance.

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