The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

In episode 8 of the show ‘ “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!’ or ‘Hataraku Maou-Sama! In season 2! entitled “The Devil Begins farming in the Farm’ Maou, along with his companions, gets a part-time position in Nagano due to Chiho. When they finally arrive and learn that they’ll have to work on the farms during harvest time. When Emi discovers that Maou has a newly-assigned job, she goes straight to Nagano to give Maou aid. This is everything you need to be aware of the conclusion of “The Devil is Part-Timer!’ or “Hataraku Maou! Season 2, episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

As Maou sits at home after his return from Choshi, Urusihara suggests to Maou to take a second part-time job. The insanity of Maou irritates Ashiya, who is tired of Urusihara being dependent on other people. Happily, Chiho tells Maou that she can work part-time for Urusihara in Nagano. The next day, the group departs for the village with Chiho’s mother, who informs the group that they will work on the farms.

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When they finally get to Nagano when they arrive in Nagano, they are stunned to discover that everything in Nagano belongs to the Sasaki family. Maou and his companions meet Chiho’s cousins, sister-in-law, and grandmother, who greet them with warm arms. The group is shocked to learn that they’ve been given an enormous room to stay in. However, there is an increased risk of bears living in the area. After a tiring day working, Maou and his friends are transported to the hot springs in the area by Chiho’s family.

They are greeted by Emi and Suzuno and Suzuno, who come across the border to Nagano because Alas Ramus was in search of her father. Email creates an interesting story to share with the Sasaki’s about their friendship. To Maou’s delight, Emi asks for an opportunity to be a part of the field with Maou along with his two other friends. Chiho then informs him that Emi is concerned about their work in the field since they’re untrained for this job, so she decides to assist them.

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 8 Ending: Has Emi Finally Forgiven Maou For Destroying Her Hometown and Her Father’s Fields?

The next day, Emi goes to Maou’s bedroom and tells Maou and his companions to get up in the shortest time possible, as they are due to leave for the field to work. When they finally get out of their field, Maou and his fellow workers are split into two groups to collaborate effectively. Maou started to work on the crops along with Emi, who informed Maou that they must pick the crops at a very early time in the day because it assists in retaining vital nutrients.

While he is listening to Emi with total focus, Maou appears to be happy with the help He is receiving from Emi without asking. It was not her intention to be in Nagano; however, she did. It also seems to make him feel guilt-ridden due to the past they have in common. However, when Emi recognizes the issue and says to Maou that she’s still bitter and doesn’t wish to forget him, she will accept his apology if he shows some remorse about his actions. EMI will let the past go and be unable to hold Maou for any more responsibility as long as he’s sorry.

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Will Maou and Emi Manage to Defend Alas Ramus and Their Friends Without Revealing Their True Powers to Chiho’s Sister in Law?

After a long day of hard work on the field in the early morning hours, Maou and his friends take a break for a while in their bedrooms. Chiho’s grandmother requests them to take Hitoshi for a walk since he’s lost his mum for quite a long time. Maou and his pals are thrilled to go to the nearby fields together with Alas Ramus. Both appear to be having a great time.

When they finally get to meet Chiho’s sister-in-law Chiho, she expresses gratitude to them all for taking good care of her son. But, she is struck by something that shocks her to the center. Within a couple of meters, the bear that was able to attack her is now looking toward them. She asks everyone to be in a quiet place and not draw attention. Unfortunately, as they attempt to walk slowly off, Hitoshi starts crying loudly, and the bear seems to take note.

It’s clear from its location that it intends to strike them, but the episode concludes, leaving viewers in suspense. But, after looking through Satoshi Wagahara’s light book, which was the source of inspiration for the show, We can assure the fact that Maou and his comrades will not just escape unharmed but will also be able to protect themselves without recourse to their supernatural abilities, making their real identities secret.

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