The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date Is Announced!

After receiving an overwhelmingly favourable response from the audience, The Cleaning Lady is returning with the second season! In the second episode, fans will learn more about a doctor from the United States, Thony DeLa Rosa and her work as the “cleaner”. There will be new twists and turns to the mysteries that are set to be revealed in the sixth episode.

The Cleaner Lady is a crime drama show that follows the life of a woman who used to be an acupuncturist from Cambodia and the Philippines. She has moved to America. The United States of America to receive treatment for her sick son. Her mental strength is a tough and clever person who is determined to fight the battles she prefers. In her pursuit of an unhurried and easy life, things become complicated when she assumes the position of a “cleaning Lady” and begins living two lives full of dangers and moral dilemmas.

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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 of the intense series premieres on October 24 2022, following the airing of five episodes, which is scheduled to air on October 17. The show explores the complexities of immigration as well as the degrading health services across the USA. The Cleaning Lady has become popular from the moment it premiered on January 3 2021. The show had been on the list of binge-watches for a lot of viewers because they’re not limited to a specific genre. However, they expand their horizons and look into a new genre of television shows and web series like this one.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 6 Story

As of now, we’ve observed that Thony’s son Luca was kidnapped by his father. She is determined to locate the kid. Thony’s parents also travel to the Philippines to visit her. In addition, Thony meets Nadia, and they’re destined to be a team. The story is set to become more intense and exciting during the 6th episode when we witness Thony getting assistance from Arman and finally returning her son. The story will become morally confusing in the case of Thony as she juggles their lives between doing what is “right” as well as being a good mother. We’re eagerly awaiting the plot to develop and move into a morally grey zone, blurring the distinction between morality and wrong.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Cast

The actor cast to play The Cleaning Lady Season 2 is comprised of Elodie Young (best famous as the star of Daredevil as well as The Defenders) in the role of Thony DeLa Rosa, an amazing doctor and an amazing mom, Adan Canto (best known for X-men and The Following) as the gangster Arman Morales Oliver Hudson (best known for Rules of Engagement and Nashville) as Garett Miller who is Garett Miller, the FBI agent who is determined to take down Arman as well Thony along with Martha Millan (best known for the OA and Entourage) as Fiona De La Rosa, Thony’s closest friend and sister-in-law.

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Where To Watch The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 6 Online?

The Cleaning Lady and both seasons of The Cleaning Lady are available on streaming sites Amazon Prime Video. The show is available on Hulu for streaming.

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