That’s Amor Ending Explained | Will Sophia and Matias End Up Together?

Netflix’s “That’s Amor” is a love story film produced by Shaun Paul Piccinino (‘ A California Christmas’). The film tells the tale of Sophia (Riley Dandy from ‘The “Interceptor’), a young graphic designer who discovers her life in turmoil after losing her job and relationships within one day. Sophia relocates with her mother and attempts to regain control over her life in a tiny California town. But, she soon finds herself drawn by Matias (Isaac Gonzalez Rossi from ‘ As We See It), a Spanish chef.

The way Sophia and Matias manage to deal with their own personal struggles while considering their feelings for one other is an engaging and enjoyable story. If you’re looking for information about the fate that will define Sophia and Matias, the couple’s relationship here’s all you must be aware of the ending of “That’s Amor. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

This is Amor’s Plot Synopsis

“That’s Amor is set in San Francisco, where Sophia, a gifted but quiet graphic designer, is employed as an assistant. Her boss approaches Sophia to get a higher job within the company but is rebuffed. Furthermore, Sophia’s boss removes her from the position because she believes Sophia is not fit for the job of an assistant.

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An empathetic Sophia is home at a reasonable hour only to discover that her boyfriend Richard is behaving badly against her. Sophia runs out of her apartment and falls down the stairs. Sophia breaks her ankle while falling down the stairs. To heal from the broken ankle and broken heart, Sophia moves to her California home and resides with their mother, Lainie.

Lainie is adamant that Sophia leave her home and return to her life on the right track. But, Sophia is indifferent to her mother’s advice and is unwilling to leave her puddle. However, Sophia agrees to join Lainie in Zumba classes and meets Lainie’s best friend, Juilette, and takes cooking classes. Lainie enrolls herself as well as Sophia to take the couples’ class in a small Spanish eatery that is run by Guillermo. Sophia reluctantly attends the class, and there she gets to meet Matias, an adorable and attractive young chef. Matias originates from Spain and is just moved to California to work for his uncle.

At first, Sophia is rude and withdraws from Matias and Matias, who try to aid her in her journey since she’s still recovering from an ankle injury. But Sophia and Matias soon establish a bond and become attracted to one another. Sophia discovers that Matias is in a romantic relationship with Irina, an Instagram model from Spain. He is treated badly. Sophia can ask Matias to meet for a drink, and they kiss. But Sophia has to get her life in order before fully committing herself to Matias, who is scheduled to return soon to Spain. The complications create an unexpected twist of events that raises questions about Sophia and Matias’s romantic relationship.

The Amor Ending: Will Sophia and Matias Get together?

As the story progresses, Sophia and Matias learn more about one another. They become closer over time, and Sophia discusses her situation with Matias. In the meantime, Sophia’s ex-boyfriend Richard is back in Sophia’s life, and she apologizes. In the aftermath, Sophia must consider reconciliation with Richard. However, Irina arrives in the town, and Matias gets preoccupied with Irina’s arrival. Sophia must decide between her love for Matias and Richard. But, after her time with Matias, Sophia learns that she needs to put her priorities first to achieve her happiness. Sophia must get her life and be happy before committing to either man.

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Additionally, Sophia does not want to be the third party who is involved in Matias and Irina’s romance since a third party has ruined her own relationship. In the end, Sophia can end her relationship with Richard because she cannot be sure of her former boyfriend. In a conversation with her close friend, Olivia, Sophia realizes that she has to make her own choices. Reuniting with Richard will sign that her life’s decisions will be taken for her. So, Sophia decides to pursue the Master’s degree at the level of Graphic Design, finally overcoming her broken-up relationship and making a move on.

In the film’s last act, Sophia learns from Viviana that Matias has split the ice with Irina in the final scene and will be heading back to Spain. But Sophia decides to chase after Matias. Sophia tracks him down at the airport, and Sophia declares her affection for Matias. Sophia confesses that she’s going to Madrid to complete her Master’s. Matias and Sophia kiss, taking their romance to another level. They head back home, having made plans to stay as a couple in Spain.

In the end, Sophia and Matias rejoice in a celebration with their friends and family. The couple participates in the Spanish ritual to symbolize stepping forward into the new. The ceremony demonstrates that Sophia and Matias are already committed to one another and are fully prepared for the challenges that life throws at them shortly.

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Furthermore, the end of the ritual shows how the two are dedicated to their own happiness. Because of their relationship, Sophia and Matias learn to be gentle and kind to one another. This means that their bond is an integral element of self-love, letting them fall completely in love with one another. Thus, the film ends with a happy ending in which Sophia and Matias begin a new chapter in their lives.


Since its first episode the year 2014, Investigation Discovery’s “Web of Lies’ show has shined the light on certain of the more horrific stories of deceit that are the result of random interactions. That’s why the episode of season 4 , episode 7 called ‘Playing Doctor’ that chronicles the ways the serial predator Jeffrey Marsalis went to extremes to exploit women, isn’t any the exception. However, for the moment If you’re just looking to know more about the story of his victim who became victim Jessika Rovell — with special attention to her past experiences as well as her present situation, we’ve got all the information for you.

What do you think is Jessika Rovell?

It was in the latter part of 2001 when Jessika Rovell had been met by the former Emergency Medical Technician Jeffrey Marsalis by a friend who’d seen him at the local Philadelphia bar. “My friend said to me that night”Oh, I know one of my friends you need to meet. He is doctor. He is an Navy officer.”I said”Wow, he sounds fantastic”,” the law student of the time admitted. She was not instantly attracted by him on the first meeting, however she was attracted by his neat, clean appearance and his professional career “He was very nice. He appeared very intriguing… extremely determined.”

Image Credit: ABC News

Thus, Jessika soon began what she believed was a serious connection with “Dr. Jeff” despite the fact that their second date after the second date was unable to recall. They’d planned to eat dinner at her home while watching movies acquainted as well as open the bottle of wine that they drank during the rest of the evening. “I remember kissing him in my kitchen… and that’s the last thing I remember,” Jessika confessed. “The the next day I awakeed feeling not very well. I could feel physically that something had occurred however I couldn’t recall any second or a second.”

She was a bit puzzled by this however Jeffrey’s usual behaviour made her put these feelings in an unreachable part of her head at least until all the other warning signs merged were too much in the beginning of 2005. At this point, as Jeffrey had often gone missing for long time, was carrying guns and even had fingerprint security on his laptop, he’d been able to convince Jessika that he was an CIA agent, using the name of doctor to cover. He’d also made a proposal to which she agreed, but with complete anxiety and fear “Any time I tried to get out of the relationship, he would threaten me with something,” no matter if it was hurting her friends or killing her family or causing her to lose her job.

So it took Jessika for a while to build enough courage to ask the police and request an order of restraining against Jeffrey who was soon to be directed to the Special Victim’s Unit by a friend. Then she realized that her husband is a predator that mainly made use of an online dating profile to find women to invite them on a date, narcotic them, and later sexually assault them, just like he did to her. Each when Jeffrey went missing from Jessika and Jessika, it was evident what he was doing and it was evident by the fact that over dozen people eventually were able to come forward and claim he was guilty.

What is Jessika Rovell?

Because of Jeffrey being convicted on numerous charges of sexual assault and date raped in 2009, as well as her own resiliency and supporters, we’re pleased to announce that Jessika appears to have left the past behind. As we’ve observed she is currently living within Alexandria, Virginia, where she’s not just an attorney for corporations, but she is also certified as a Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Victim Advocate, as well as a Leadership & Performance Coach. She was employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for approximately 13 years, and for was part of the US Navy Reserve for 19 when she was stationed in Washington before moving to Virginia by the time spring 2022 approaches. It’s also important to note the fact that Jessika has since discovered her true love and tied the wedding with Daniel O’Melia.


Laura Lewis battled a traumatic childhood as well as a string of poor relationships before moving through with her own life. Investigation Discovery’s “Wives With Knives Poetic Justice’ follows Laura’s story and lets her speak about her approach to dealing with the many issues she had to deal with throughout her life. If you’re curious about what transpired to Laura and what she could be now, here’s the information we know about her.

What are you? Laura Lewis?

Laura was a child with the rest of her family within Minneapolis, Minnesota, during the 1980s. In the 1980s, she was aware of her parents wrestling and witnessing domestic violence constantly. According to the TV documentary, at some moment, Laura’s mother Joan was able to stab her husband with an object of glass after the latter hit her. The couple eventually separated, with Joan having custody rights over their children. However, her drinking did make things even worse.

The show’s host Laura discussed her mother’s habit of drinking in the evening and later physically assault her children. Laura also said that Kenny an older man that Joan got married to, sexually assaulted her. The challenging childhood continued with Laura along with her brothers being in foster care. They were brought back with their mother at the time Laura was fourteen years old. However, things didn’t be different in the years between Laura with her maternal grandmother. The time was when Joan had been married to an unrelated man. Things turned physical between Joan and Laura in the course of a dispute. When the stepfather intervened Laura cut him in the back.

As per the TV show, Laura was arrested at 14 and taken for boot camps. Following being released, Laura appeared to get her life in order. Laura went to GED classes and worked in the burger joint. She later got to know Zack Moore, moving in with Zack after turning 18. On April 25, 2005 Laura was pregnant with their child, but she soon realizing the fact that Zack had been cheating with her and ended their relationship.

Laura was employed working as a driver for a school bus. She also was introduced to Stephen Thomas, an aspiring musician, through the hotline for singles. Stephen and Laura began an unofficial relationship, but then she became expecting with the daughter of Stephen Thomas. Stephen later moved into with Laura and the children and the kids, but their relationship was not ideal. Other than the infidelity, Laura claimed on the show that Stephen was abusive and frequently beat her. In January of 2010, Laura found out that Stephen was cheating on her, and she confronted Stephen with the knife, stabbing Stephen in the hand.

What is Laura Lewis Today?

Laura accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to six months prison for the assault. It was a surprise, however, that according to the program, she moved back into her home with Stephen after her release. It wasn’t until Stephen was sent to jail for an assault that was not related to the incident in 2014 that their relationship was ended. In the years since, it looks that Laura has made a move on with the rest of her life. In this show, Laura spoke of that she was moving into Las Vegas, Nevada, and pursuing the truck driver’s license. Laura has decided to keep her personal life in the shadows and is not much known about her.


Netflix’s ” Loved Adults The story follows the couple Christian and Leonora stuck in a marriage that’s not loved. Christian is seeking a divorce however, Leonora isn’t ready to let him go. To keep him she threatens to expose his past crimes to police. After being snatched and threatened, he makes a decision to kill her. But things take an unexpected turn when the murder doesn’t go off like he had planned. The film focuses the focus on Christian as well as Leonora’s motivations the film examines the complex nature of marriage as well as the meaning of love through its distorting lens. If you liked the film, we’ve got some suggestions concerning films that focus on the relationship between murder and marriage. Here are the movies like “Loving Adults” that are available to stream via Netflix, Amazon Prime, as well as other streaming services.

  1. The Gift (2015)

In the movie ‘Loving Adults’ the main theme is even when you’re in a relationship with someone you love, there are aspects about them that you aren’t aware of. Every person hides their secrets from their spouse , and problems arise only when the secrets are leaked out. The same thing happens in the film ‘The Gift’. It stars Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall and Joel Edgerton, it tells the story of Simon and Robyn their marriage that has a rough time as they cross paths with Gordon Simon, Simon’s high school friend. It is revealed that Simon isn’t as great of an individual as Robyn believed him to be.

  1. Chloe (2009)

With Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson as well as Amanda Seyfried, this film demonstrates the ways that a tiny doubt can become the biggest issue. Catherine was happily married with David before she began to be suspicious that he might be infidelity to her. Catherine hires a woman whose name is Chloe to lure David and then see what transpires. The idea behind this was to test the loyalty of her husband However, shortly thereafter, Catherine herself is seduced Chloe and has an unplanned affair with her until she realizes Chloe isn’t completely honest with her.

  1. In Secret (2013)

Image Credit: Phil Bray/Roadside Attractions

A film based upon the novel written by Emile Zola and starring Elizabeth Olsen in the main role, the film tells the tale of Therese who is forced to wed her sickly cousin on the advice by her aunt. Without a choice, Therese is trapped in an unloving marriage, and her prospects appear grim. This is until she is introduced to Laurent Camille’s childhood friend. When Therese and Laurent engage in an unspoken love affair things begin to become dark as the idea of murder is interspersed.

  1. Dial M for Murder (1954)

Filmed and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, “Dial M for Murder” starts with the protagonist finding out about the affair his wife was involved in. It took place one year ago, however the news still stings him so badly that he decides to murder his wife. So, he’ll take revenge on the wealth of his wife. The only thing he requires is someone else to take care of it. In the end the man is able to come up with an exquisite strategy to murder his wife, and not incriminate his self in any way. On that night, the day of murder things don’t go exactly as he planned.

  1. Lady Macbeth (2016)

The film stars Florence Pugh in the lead part, the film focuses on Katherine’s quest to get out of the marriage the woman was forced into. When her father-in-law and husband depart for a period of time which leaves her to pursue her own freedom when she meets a guy named Sebastian and has an affair with Sebastian. Then her husband and father-in law return however, by this point, Katherine is too used to her freedom and doesn’t wish to be taken back into the confines of her captor. The murders continue to pile up.

  1. Gone Girl (2014)

Photo Credits: Merrick Morton/Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises

Discuss getting trapped in a relationship you would like to leave and the movie ‘ Gone Girl comes to mind. The film is based on the book of the same title written by Gillian Flynn, the David Fincher-directed psychological thriller tells an account that follows Nick along with Amy. At the beginning, Amy goes missing and the hunt for her causes their relationship to be put under the spotlight, something Nick is determined to portray in positive light since it appears that Amy has left behind evidence to show that she was at risk with Nick. The next chapter is a series of twists and turns that offer an insight into some of the darker aspects that marriage can bring.115

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