10 Best Thanksgiving Movies On YouTube!

After the Thanksgiving meal, There’s just one thing left to do! Get comfy and gather around the television to enjoy a family-friendly film night at Thanksgiving. Sometimes, deciding on the film is the most difficult part. Have a look over this list of recommended movies for adults and kids, and then let us know which one is your top. Watch these top family Thanksgiving Day movies available through Disney Plus, Amazon, and Hallmark Channel, as well as Thanksgiving-themed movies streaming on Netflix.

While some of the movies included on this list are themed around Thanksgiving, the majority are funny family films. Consider animated humorous kids’ films such as”A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Free Birds–a sure-fire way to entertain the young ones. Some of them welcome into the Christmas season with plenty of laughs ( National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) or nostalgic, uplifting times (Miracle in 34th St.).

Families who love sports can’t go wrong with films like Rudy, The Blind Side, and Remember the Titans. In the end, it’s football season! If your children are playing games for Thanksgiving and you’re hosting an adult-only film-watching party, then You’ve Got Mail or Eat Pray Love could be more to your preferences.

1. The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Although it’s among the most popular Thanksgiving films for children, viewers of all ages adore this animated selection. In response to a last-minute invitation by Patty Patty, Charlie Brown and the other characters attempt to put an amazing Thanksgiving feast. The film is available for free on AppleTVfrom November 23 to November 27.

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2. You’ve Received Mail

The delightful remake of the 1940s classic The Shop Around the Corner includes all seasons, including fall. It also features an unforgettable Thanksgiving scene. Who doesn’t enjoy the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan battle?

3. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

Everyone’s feline who is always grumpy (and thirsty!) cat is put on a diet on the worst date of the year. Grumpy, indeed!

4. National Treasure

The treasure hunter Benjamin Gates (played by Nicolas Cage) is on a quest to steal the Declaration of Independence to protect the legendary treasure from falling into dangerous hands.

Are you looking to see a double feature? Check out National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets and also made available through Disney Plus.

5. Little Women

The classic story of the March sisters, Meg, Amy, Beth, and Jo, is a perfect film to watch during the holidays for all women who are part of the family.

6. Home Alone

The Christmas season doesn’t officially begin until the entire family gets together in order to enjoy Home Alone.

7. Rudy

Nothing can say “Thanksgiving” as much as an old-fashioned football movie. Rudy’s story of inspiration will be a hit with your circle of relatives, and the cozy autumn scene will match the mood of November.

8. Matilda

This tale by Roald Dahl is guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family. Everyone will be cheering for Matilda, The little girl with big power who can outwit everyone else around her.

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9. The wife of the Preacher

Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston star in this 1996 film about an angel who descends out of Heaven to aid a pastor and his wife.

10. Hoosiers

This film is an absolute must-see for all families who love sports. The story is set in Hickory, Indiana, where people take the game of basketball in high school very seriously. A new coach is faced with numerous challenges from the locals and the team as they travel to win the state championship.

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