9 Best Thanksgiving Movies On Peacock TV

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, the holiday season is an excellent time to enjoy entertainment for all the family. If you’re not sure where to begin in the multitude of holiday-themed movies available, Peacock has your back with its wide selection of contemporary and classic films. These are the top holiday films that can be streamed on Peacock that you shouldn’t come miss.

1. What the Grinch Did to Christmas (1966)

A classic Christmas tale The original cartoon version of Dr. Seuss’s book follows the story of a grinch named The Grinch who lives alone in a small town called Whoville and is fervently depressed about Christmas. However, with the assistance of a young girl known as Cindy Lou Who, who realizes the beauty in the Christmas spirit and makes his heart grow.

2. Much Ado About Christmas (2021)

A remake of the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing, this film about romance is about an innocent young woman called Hayley who is wooed by a man who is named Claude. But there’s one twist: she conceals her identity from him, but he eventually discovers the truth about her. Are their feelings shattered, or will they triumph?

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3. Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love (2016)

The critically-acclaimed LGBTQ+ comedy takes place at Thanksgiving time, the time that a closeted lesbian called Lauren decides to reveal her sexuality to her family members by taking her partner to dinner. But laughter ensues when Lauren’s male roommate is confused with her boyfriend. The film will inspire friendship and love and inspire you to laugh and fill your heart with joy.

4. One Special Night (1999)

With famous actors Julie Andrews and James Garner, The romantic comedy follows a doctor (Andrews) and an individual named Robert who find refuge in an abandoned cabin in the midst of a snowstorm in the middle of Thanksgiving Day. Even though they’re off to an uneasy beginning, they slowly start pulling one another out of their shells and ultimately fall in love with one another.

5. The Little Drummer Boy (1968)

The animators from the same studio who created other holiday classics like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, this stop-motion animated film is a joy for the entire family. Based on the hit song with the same name, it tells the tale of an orphaned child named Aaron who is able to create animals to dance by playing his drum.

6. The Housewives of the North Pole (2021)

The film stars Betsy Brandt of Breaking Bad fame This Peacock original features two best friends living in a town known as North Pole, Vermont. After a major disagreement between the two women, they compete in an annual holiday decorating contest that receives national coverage.

7. A Christmas Carol (2000)

A reworking of the adored Charles Dickens novel of the identical title, this version is about an unhappier loan shark living in London. When his business partner dies in the days before Christmas, Scrooge starts to become plagued by three ghosts from his past, the present, and the future.

8. The Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas (2021)

Based on the long-running iconic NBC soap show, the Christmas special stars your current favorite cast members, including Alison Sweeney as Sami Brady. The show is based on the tale of Will Horton writing a holiday screenplay that is inspired by the stories of the people in Salem, Illinois. But can he complete the project prior to the December 31 deadline?

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9. Dear Santa (2011)

The romantic drama is about a young, wealthy woman called Crystal who is feeling lost in the world. One day she comes across a young child’s note to Santa inquiring about the birth of a new bride for her father, who has died. In a bid to bring some joy to the world and help others, she decides to track this family down and assist the family runs their business. What happens next will make you want to grab tissues.

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