6 Best Thanksgiving Movies On Hulu

Many will be remaining at Home this Thanksgiving. Which is a better option to pass the day than by cuddling up to a traditional Thanksgiving film after enjoying the best food? If you’re looking for great festive films that can be streamed right in your living space, You’re in luck! Here are some fantastic Thanksgiving movies streaming right now through Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.


The 1993 comedy stars Pauly Shore, but don’t think that his poor acting skills make you think twice. The plot revolves around the character of Shore, Crawl, who is a completely 90s resident advisor who returns home with Rebecca, One of the students in his dorm, when Crawl announces that he’ll be spending the Thanksgiving holiday all by himself. A string of mishaps has Crawl, a city slicker, posing as Rebecca’s fiancee and causing numerous problems at Rebecca’s South Dakota farmland home. It’s hilarious, funny and nostalgic. You can stream this through Amazon Prime.

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“Pieces from April”

For those who enjoy Thanksgiving movies with a little more drama or need a break from their own holiday-fuelled family dysfunction, this 2003 movie Pieces of April delivers. It features an untold Katie Holmes as the protagonist, April’s character, a young adult trying to unite their family (including her mother, who is dying) at a Thanksgiving meal in her small apartment. In a struggle to bring the whole thing together and deal with many big emotions and chaos, April will warm viewers with her warm smile and gives them a reason to be thankful that their own meals were less chaotic. Watch the show on Hulu.

‘Tower Heist’

Are you looking for something to bring a little suspense while keeping the laughter flowing? Tower Heist is a 2011 film which brings together a group of people who were wronged by luxury apartments and are determined to exact revenge for falling prey to the Ponzi scheme. Their plan for getting their money back is an elaborate robbery while everyone is distracted by Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Created with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, this crime film doesn’t take itself too seriously. Watch this on Hulu.

‘Free Birds’

The 2013 animated film has plenty of action that is non-stop for children. A lucky bird named Reggie gets the benefit of the presidential pardon and leads an extravagant lifestyle until he is entangled in an elaborate plan to transform the world. They’ll travel back to 1621 just prior to it being the very first Thanksgiving. Children will love the hilarious action, and the adults will recognize many voices. The film stars Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler, and George Takei. Watch this film via Hulu as well as Amazon Prime.


If you like your Christmas films to have a dark edge and a touch of heartfelt drama, The 2015 film Krisha offers the setting of a typical family Thanksgiving gathering with an unexpected twist. Krisha, the main character Krisha arrives to take part in the festivities, even though she had left her family in the past. As you can imagine that this creates more than some tension. The drama that resulted from it earned the show numerous awards and an audience award during the South-by-Southwest Film Festival. Watch the show on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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Paul Blart’ Mall Cop’

Black Friday sales may make the worst of the majority of shoppers, but Paul Blart is there when the world requires his support. The 2009 comedy features Kevin James as a security guard at a mall who must keep the mall safe when Christmas pressure triggers Santa’s tiny helpers to snap and take hostages. With his daughter’s safety in danger, Paul Blart rushes to the scene and entertains viewers all the time. The film was so successful that it has been able to inspire a sequel, and it’s bound to provide some fun entertainment while the tension of holiday season increases. Watch the show on Netflix.

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