11 Best Thanksgiving Movies On HBO Max

The holidays are the best time to indulge in that extra serving of pie, curl around your loved ones and take in the joy of the season while wearing your cosiest clothes. If you’re overstuffed to play football or browse your local Black Friday sales after your Thanksgiving dinner, There’s a good chance you’ll end up lying on the couch in a fetal position with your stomach rubbing. If you’re in search of something to watch during Thanksgiving night with your family, These movies that are available through HBO Max will leave everyone feeling content.

The process of selecting the ideal Thanksgiving movie may be difficult. You want something that’s fun but not so raunchy as to force you to beg to “get the water” each five-minute interval in order to avoid discomfort. There are plenty of fantastic alternatives that you can stream with the help of your HBO membership. If you’re not yet subscribed to HBO (and you can’t remember the login of your ex’s mother’s former), You can join HBO Max onto your Hulu subscription or enrol for a free trial (just make sure you unsubscribe if you don’t want to cover the cost).

If you decide to jump right into a holiday movie such as A Christmas Carol or New Year’s Eve or choose a film that makes you feel nostalgic, such as Harry Potter or Willy Wonka, any of these films can make the beginning of the holiday season more enjoyable.

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01 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

What’s more romantic than those Harry Potter movies? Each meal at Hogwarts’ Great Hall of Hogwarts is basically a huge Thanksgiving feast in the end… only with a magical family, not the biological one. In truth, the entire Harry Potter series makes the perfect viewing for families on Thanksgiving; however, it is more sensible to begin at the beginning of Harry’s journey in the very first film.

02 A Christmas Carol

A film that is among the top famous films about Christmas ever produced, the 1938 adaptation of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is a lesson that everyone should recall every year. Let the memories behear you while you watch the beloved black and white tale that tells the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and his ghostly guests.

03 Crazy Rich Asians

Special meals? Unfriendly relatives? A lot to be a family-friendly drama? Check, check, check. “Crazy Rich” Asians is a complete guide to everything (and includes incredibly beautiful images of a wedding ever) when Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and her partner Nick Young (Henry Golding) travel to Singapore, where jealous friends and troubled relationships are waiting for this happy couple. Although it isn’t set in the holiday season, it can give you the confidence to tackle any challenges your family will encounter during the holidays.

04 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka is an absolute classic for a long time and deserves an appearance on every family’s must-sees list. Gene Wilder gives an iconic performance as Willy Wonka himself as he leads the viewer through “a realm that is absolute imagination.” You’ll be there to experience the nostalgic atmosphere and go for the extravagant candy display… for as long as you can take it after a meal at Thanksgiving.

05 Happy Feet

Animation movies are always enjoyable family entertainment, and Happi Feet is a largely forgotten gem that is guaranteed to make everyone smile on their face. If the adorable penguins aren’t able to provide the entertainment and the music is upbeat, then the soundtrack is likely to. The snowy backdrop can help you prepare for the cold winter months ahead.

06 Elf

If you’re thinking of Winter, it’s possible to kick off the season of Christmas right now by watching Elf. What is there to say about this movie that hasn’t been mentioned before? Will Ferrell makes the perfect adult elf that makes you laugh and cry when he discovers his house just right before Christmas.

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07 You’ve Got Mail

If you’re in a more fall spirit, with a hint of pumpkin spice, Look at the fall-coloured scene in The Book of Your Name. The film is basically a massive advertisement for the cosy, bookstore style. It’s not bad to mention that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are also scrumptious romantic couples.

08 Spirited Away

The complete Hayao Miyazaki collection is accessible via HBO Max, but Spirited Away is a standout.is one of the most popular. The stunningly animated Oscar Award-winning film is the story of a girl’s first year in her struggle to save their family members from the spirits world. It’s the perfect film to help you appreciate how much you cherish the most important people you have in your life, making it perfect for the holiday of Thanksgiving.

09 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Family drama is sure to be a part of any major celebration, but at least you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your family isn’t as crazy as the ones that are featured in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It’s a fact, most likely. The film is so relatable since there is a truth to it that every family has their unique style of absurdity. This film is just a way of saying that Windex gets sprayed onto every single thing.

10 Singin’ in the Rain

Sometimes, you have to sing, and these are the moments when you need to put on a show that is suitable for all the family. Enjoy the music that is the work of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor. Transport you to the golden age of Hollywood film magic by listening to Singing in the Rain.

11 New Year’s Eve

Watch what you can anticipate at the closing of the holiday season by watching New Year’s Eve, a film that starred almost everybody who was important in the year 2011. The film is full of stories interspersed throughout. The film has something that anyone can relate to and give you a sense of readiness for whatever the new year is going to bring, following the time that the pumpkin pie has been consumed, and your ugly sweaters have been taken away.

With a list of movies such as this, you and your family are ready to go on a movie marathon that is full of excitement. You’re probably stocked with plenty of leftovers from Thanksgiving to keep you going.

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