Best Thanksgiving Movies On Apple TV

Thanksgiving might not be the first thing that is first on your mind when you are thinking of holiday-themed films. However, there are some films that have dealt with the fall holiday throughout many years. Here are ten great films you can watch at your home during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

The adored Peanuts special has been a regular feature on cable and broadcast since it first aired 1973 on CBS in 1973. Now, since 2021, it’s available exclusively on Apple TV+ exclusively. It includes many classic “good for you!” moments for hapless child Charlie Brown, including once another time having his football taken away by his pal Lucy just before he’s set for kicking it.

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Charlie Brown also puts together a messy backyard Thanksgiving dinner for his family (plus his dog Snoopy and his bird-loving companion Woodstock), and then everyone has an upscale Thanksgiving dinner at his grandmother’s house and a heartwarming holiday celebration.

The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is available through Apple TVPlus ($6.99 for a month following 7 days of a free trial).

A true classic, This Charlie Brown special tackles the holiday in a way only the Peanuts group can. The majority of Peanuts specials have been moved into Apple TV+, so you’ll require a subscription to view them.

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