5 Greatest Thanksgiving Movies On Amazon Prime!

After Thanksgiving dinner, what is the most effective method to spend time with your loved ones? While some of them will be gearing up for the advertised Black Friday sales, the more prudent online buyers will hold off until Cyber Monday to stay at home to warm up, cuddling on a comfy sofa.

For certain, it’s time to go for football. For those who aren’t so keen on sports, There are many Thanksgiving films available that are available on Amazon for you to watch. It’s an ideal method to be able to have fun, cry and enjoy time with your family without needing to engage in serious discussions.

A majority of people utilize Netflix to stream TV and movies; however, for reasons that are not known to the mysterious people who send red envelopes, the options are limited in the case of Thanksgiving-themed content. Hulu offers a few shows, but their primary focus has always been TV programs over movies. If you’re not eager to take a chance renting on YouTube, the best option for immediate satisfaction is to connect your Amazon firestick and begin browsing Amazon’s rental catalogue to find things that everyone agrees on.

I’ve looked through the movies Amazon is currently offering to rent this year. Here are my top 5 options for a film with a theme of Thanksgiving that will make everyone in the family feel happy.

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01 “You’ve Received Mail

Romcoms are returning in big fashion, and this classic from the genre includes not just two scenes of Thanksgiving. Here’s the storyline:

At one time, there were two proprietors of bookstores. One of them was the owner of an unassuming children’s bookshop. Another was the owner of Manhattan’s most popular book chain. After they happened to coincide and, in a private way – came across each other on the internet, They stumbled upon the love of their lives.

02. ‘Hannah & Her Sisters

The 1980s were the time. In the 1980s, Woody Allen and Mia Farrow were still popular. The story takes place over three consecutive Thanksgivings, making your family appear unflappable. Here’s the summary:

The story is set in New York City over a Thanksgiving holiday. The tale is about an adolescent Hannah, and her somewhat lost siblings, who are all playing virtual musical chairs alongside an entire group of lovers.

03. “Scent of Woman’ Woman’

This tour de force from 1992, directed by Al Pacino, is a love note to the Christmas season that takes place in New York. Here’s the summary:

A college student of working-class Charlie Simons earns extra money by caring for blind people during the holiday season. His boss was a former Army Lieutenant. Colonel. Frank Slade turns out to be a shrewd but charming man who has saved to take a trip away for a trip to New York City.

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04 “Pieces of April”

This a reminder that Katie Holmes was on her way to a successful career. Your dinner should be better than Katie Holmes’s. Here’s the summary:

April Burns lives in an affordable New York City apartment miles away from her family. When she learns that her mother is suffering from a fatal type of breast cancer, she invites her family members to stay at her house to celebrate Thanksgiving.

05. “Miracle on the 34th Street”

The classic that everyone loves to enjoy when the Thanksgiving holiday has come to an end, and it’s time to go shopping for Black Friday at Macy’s. Do you really have the summary?

A man of old age going under the name Kris Kringle fills in for a drunken Santa during Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade. If Kringle affirms that he’s Santa Claus, the story will result in a legal case to determine his mental state and, perhaps, the authenticity of his claim.

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